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Well, duh its Christmas

On a roll

I am so totally good

Goals for the new year

this is a test post

When I'm home I behave

Cookies almost gone

Awareness, its the first step

Blog Maintenance Notes redux

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I've got a Secret -- Finally!

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Down, up, up

Oh, and the definition of "Holiday Season"

Two steps back, but still

Countdown to Black Thursday

Businessperson's food

I'm late for Wednesday Weigh-in

It's everywhere! It's everywhere!

Down one

Setbacks only mean you have to keep working harder

Did someone mention rut?

I'm baaaa-aaack!!! Now , let's keep this momentum going.

Well, I'm Beginning To See The Light

Still in the rut

Rut vs. Plateau. I'm in a rut.

We need a sports league for fat fortysometings

KDK's new goal dates

50 again

WWI: Looking back and forward

How Stella's Mom Will Get Her Groove Back

Insert Title here

The Rat's Gonna Stick Out

Oh, its Wednesday! You want numbers?

One year and back on track

They're only numbers, and they're all excuses.

The Sun Came Out

One year anniversary

Blame it on the weather

Catching up

This transition to autumn isn't going well

Heart Rate Monitor Revelations

Fitness Milestone!!

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WWI - When we lose the weight: a transition from empathy to sympathy

Blog/Plan Maintenance: Scope and Objective Modifications

WWI - Transitioning to Autumn