Rut vs. Plateau. I'm in a rut.

The difference between a plateau and a rut: Simply put, a plateau is when you're doing everyting correctly, and you're still stuck at some weight that won't budge. A rut is when you're not doing everything correctly, you thusly are stuck at some weight (or range) and YOU won't budge.

I am in the latter. I'm in a rut. Its official. Some people would rather be in a rut than a plateau, because a plateau seems like nothing you can control. But I'd rather be in a plateau, because my issue isn't chemistry or physics. Its behavior, and knowing that my behavior was correct and I was maintaining discipline would assure me that eventually I would break out of a plateau. But I'm in a rut. I can't put my finger on why. I'm stress eating, I know that. I have to find a different way to comfort myself under the stess and busy-ness I'm going through. The physical side of stress, I'm managing that well. I've been going to the gym during these dreary days and getting kickass workouts in. But the mental part of stress -- I'm medicating that with food. Chocolate. Creamy soups (which are also anesthetizing these cold dreary days we've been having). Ugh. I start each Wednesday, as I did today, all gung ho with writing down my numbers and This Time For Sure attitude, and by Saturday, if not Thursday morning, I've blown it to Purgatory. So I'm in a rut.

I'm posting a 3.8 pound gain this week. Numbers: 217, that's up 3.8 and holding steady at (ugh) 46% fat. Ugh Ugh Ugh. I can blame probably 2 pounds on the extra-bloated period I'm in the middle of: my measurements show no increase in anything below the waist but I've gone up a bra size, which argues strongly for menstrual water retention. Still, the pigging out Friday night (that pecan crusted salmon with the vanilla cream sauce at the Water Street Brewery WAS to die for) preceeded by pizza at lunch and succeeded by all day eat-a-thon around the house Saturday probably had more to do with this week's gain.

However, I can't get all down on myself. I checked my charts over the past couple of years: historically I post a ridiculous gain in October. Must be those "bite sized" halloween candies. Still, I have GOT to get my groove back and out of this rut.


The L said…
I have been calling it the wrong thing for a long time then I think. I guess I just broke my rut.
angelfish24 said…
Sorry to hear your in a rut! That sucks. I like your definition b/ween a rut and a plateau. Sometimes I'll slide a little but then the exercise keeps me in line. Sometimes, I can get in that zone that I really enjoy the healthy daily eating and not all the fat the restaurants want to fee us! I have been limiting my eating out and keep the crud out the house and it helps. Hope your doing better soon. As yoda would say "do or do not, there is no try". Get yourself out of the rut, now today, you can do this!
BigAssBelle said…
someone told me once a rut is just a grave with the ends kicked out.

don't know how that applies to what you're going through. if historically you've put on weight in october, i suspect there's something that happened in this month that affected you long ago. bodies never forget though our brains aren't always on it.

it helps if i remember not to compare to yesterday or a month ago, to look at where i was two years ago and see how much progress has been achieved.

here's hoping you're climbing out of this soon . . . hugs, lynette

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