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Beam this crap out of here, Scotty

2 down and 2 down

I'm in the middle of a bad weekend

OK, my fear of coming close to 200 - I think I figured it out

WWI - on my way to the next milestone

Grrls, would anybody mind if....

And the milestone reward is.... Losing more points! Yippeeee!!!!!!

So close...

Consider the big fat source and listen to your body

WWI - A Successful Holiday Food season!!!!

Wouldn't mind a fat....

Frozen Food count

Stairclimbing is getting easier. Flip Flop

Tea vs. Coffee

Back on track?

Monday starts again

End of the Holiday Season, Kaga-san!

now what

Weight really fluctuates!

Stop the madness!

Up 3 - and I really feel great.

WWI, could have, should have been worse

It's good to be a shareholder in Lean Cuisine this time of year

Food worth saving up for

The mindset of exercise

The Treadmill Works Too

No excuses for not exercising

Wednesday Weigh In - I worked for this

Good meeting with the nutritionist...

The scales