I'm in the middle of a bad weekend

My cat died and i went out for sushi friday night and that wasnt so bad and we went to a basketball game and the beer was good and maybe a little too good and i lost control and i came home and ate leftover kraft dinner that the sitter made for the kids and then had another beer and slept till 10 the next morning and at least hauled my sorry ass into the gym for a machine stair climb and some lackluster situps and upper body work and then i went to a festivus party last night where there was tons of comfort food and i feel like its the day before my period im so goddamn bloated and i dont even know what to do today except fast until lent starts.

I have GOT to learn how to forgive myself. And blowing your food control is no excuse for run-on sentence structure, vulgar language and lack of ability to capitalize proper nouns.


kdk13 said…
V'ron - sorry to hear about the cat. Hope you are all doing ok.

It's Monday now. Were you able to shake off the bad weekend?
Lynette said…
oh hell, what an ordeal. i think after all that, a little vulgarity is in order. and do we need an excuse? guess i missed it :-) vulgar thing that i am.

letting go of food gone wrong is a big struggle of mine too. just let go. don't have to turn it into a 100 pound weight gain as i've done in the past.

hope you're feeling better. so sorry about the cat :( and having to eat sushi ;-)

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