Routine transmission overhaul

220.5, down a half pound. I did indeed drink all my water this week, and I journaled and stayed within points. Guess the digressions from previous weeks have finally come to roost. It's the Catholic in me I gues, always knowing you never get away with your sins.

It's time for workout transition. During the nice weather months, my workouts basically consist of power bike rides and I honestly don't do that much weightlifting. But come winter, I do a lot of weightlifting. Part of it is that I love the summer so much I can't bear to go indoors to lift weights, so maybe I'll be riding my bike and I'll stop and do some chest presses and tricep pushes against a tree or something, but no real formal workout.

Winter's different. I'm at the Y, there's machines all around, it's very conducive to a specific "program" of sorts (provided I make room in my schedule.) But a Y visit is a 2 hour ordeal, really. About an hour of travel/getting ready/post workout shower, which gives me an hour workout. It all seems so time-consuming, but I know I spend more time on stupid stuff. So I feel like I'm changing gears, from a speed-based high gear to a power based low gear, and interestingly enough, it's not really that hard on the trasmission, but still noticible.

My muscles ache from getting back into weightlifting mode, while a half hour on the stairmaster barely gets me winded or sweaty. I actually kind of like this transition period, and it's boding well with this whole starting over thing. I feel like I'm starting fresh: slightly achy muscles, but achy in a good way, like I'm accomplishing something, like I actually worked them. I come home and make myself a fresh, nutritious tossed salad and my motivation is fed by those achy muscles.

OK, theme for this week: determine and establish an indoor workout routine, despite the fact that this month is anything but routine.


Lori said…
It takes me about a half hour to get ready to go to the gym plus the fight for a parking space somewhere near the gym (although I have been spoiled for the past few months with my handicapped permit which comes to an end soon). It's very stressful and I always think: Do I need to really go through this? It does seem stupid and a big time-waster but it's good for us. (Much like spinach.)

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