Time for a challenge

I've been binging a lot lately. Partially its from boredom, partially because I just have these cravings for stupid sweet stuff, partially because outside of work, I'm so busy at home that I'm living off of fast food and easy to prepare but hard to make healthy meals. I'm up three pounds this week. I seem to have lost my resolve so I'm going to set some tough goals, put them in print, and hopefully that will hold me accountable.

By December 1, I want to be down 10 pounds from now, at 212. This is do-able if I really set my mind to it. By January 1, I want to have gotten through the Holiday season without a net gain. This I've done twice, so I know that's do-able. And maybe with Halloween coming up and the holidays, I can do this because since there are specific challenges, I'll go into challenge mode.

I also need to be challenged, publicly. Know why I didn't post last week? Because I gained, that's why and I was too chickenshit to post. That's why. So if I post goals, I know I have to meet them, else people will stop reading this blog and write me off as another also-ran. That would be the worst. I'm totally sure of that.


PastaQueen said…
I will personally be checking in to see if you meet those goals and I won't be surprised when you do.

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