I'm up, but I still rock. Let me count the ways.

222. I'm up 1.5 and this is the danger part for me. I can look at this very logically and remind myself that the rickshaw is scheduled to pick me up and take me for my monthly ride around the block, or I can get self destructive, during what is turning out to be a very stressful week at work, and head for the baskets of chocolate dotting all our cubicles at work on this Halloween weekend.

Instead, I shall list her for your reading pleasure, all the ways in which I rock. File most under "V'ron had one busy week with her camera."

  • The show I did with the Cream City Photogs, "Fear" at the Art Bar, opened last Friday. Since it wasn't an official Gallery Night stop, it wasn't packed, nor did we expect it to be. But I had a great chat with the bar/gallery owner. He likes our work and I'm really starting to feel like I could actually make a dent in this field.

  • So Tuesday, my boss calls me into her office. Apparently they'd hired a pro to take some shots of this aspect of our department we're really proud of, and the pro did an unimpressive job. I agreed to take a literal shot at it, and, nervous as all hell, I took in all my good gear, approached it with beginner's mind and shot. The thing about it was that it was a massive lighting challenge, and while I consider myself an available light expert, flash was required here. After a while, I chucked the flash, shot raw, improvised available light, and God Bless Photoshop. Boss was pleased.

  • A week ago I got an invitation to exhibit my work at a private party for the opening of this rock and roll compound, where there's recording studios, rehearsal spaces, play spaces, etc. I slapped together a show based on two previous shows ("audiences" and a retrospective of my BW work from the early to mid 80s) and got it hung last night. Show's Sunday, and I pulled this off.

  • Then, a friend's daughter needed HS Graduation photos and asked me. Again, I'm not a portraitist, but I shot her outdoors in available light and she's pleased with the results. She's coming over today to make her final selections.

  • My band got booked for the Saturday after Thanksgiving at a venue I've always wanted to play in. This was last minute (three week notice in this town for a band is "last minute") and I'm really happy about this.

  • Stella's birthday party was Sunday, we put that together at a roller rink at the last minute and the kids all gushed at how much fun they had. Phew.

  • At work, I'm in the throes of a massive project that's coming to a head this weekend, such that I couldn't take any time off this week to just go home and be sick and take care of myself, and I think this is going to come through allright anyway.

And on top of this, I bought the halloween candy, since my neighborhood has nighttime trick or treat this Saturday, and I haven't opened any of it, much less eaten it. I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow.


Lori said…
V'ron -- all of those things are really very wonderful (well, the weight creep*). You are very, very talented with the camera and I'm so glad you're getting recognized for that.

*I'm proud that you can logically see that this tiny gain is most likely a result of TTOM and not going nuts with it.

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