Wednesday, April 26, 2006

WWI= slowly but surely

I wish I could remember where I saw it, but there was some other weightloss blog where the author basically said the other day that she had to accept that her weightloss was basically one week of huge loss, followed by 3-4 weeks of nothing, instead of a nice, neat, e-z-2-stay-motivated pound a week thing. I have to come to that acceptance, too. Huge loss at the beginning of the month, and now its like I have to put some WD-40 in the scale. If I find the post, I'll edit this one to link it.

Anyway, the numbers: 217.4. Down point 6. Fat %= 46.7. WhatEVER.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Send me the Mackerel (for ovarian cancer!)

And of course, Wendy McClure did. The Fluffy Mackerel Pudding. McClure, author of that fab website with the horrific Weight Watchers Recipe Cards from the 70s (and her scathing commentary) is doing a fundraising walk for Ovarian Cancer. According to her blog, her mother is currently being treated for it. Scary shit. Not to put down things like breast cancer and cervical cancer, but how the hell do you detect ovarian cancer early enough to nip it in the bud, like we've learned with the breast and the cervix? Its not like you can reach up past your utereus and do a self-exam. Scares the shit out of me, and honestly, this is the first fundraiser I've heard about ovarian cancer, so I had to slap down some cash to support her, and you, dear readers, should too unless, of couse, you know somebody else who is walking or otherwise doing something about it. But if you support McClure and pony up at least $75, she'll throw in a copy of one of her books, all autographed and everything. As I already have "I'm Not the New Me" I opted for the book version of the Recipe Cards website, and she must've sent it overnight (although UPS ground pretty much comes overnight from Chicago to Milwaukee) because I spent last night in uncontrollable spasms of laughter. Take the website and multiply by four. No wonder us 40 year olds are fat -- this is what our diet alternative was in the 70s? Right, pick one: a)"Caucasian Shaslik" or b) sausge and mushroom pizza from Geno's East. Of course you're going to go with B) and wash it down with some TaB, to make up for all the cheese. You used to think "If I eat/drink something vile like TaB, that will cancel out the banana split, right?" Right.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Maybe Maybe Maybe ..... Naaah....

I was probably too hard on the bitch in the SUV at Starbucks on Saturday. Maybe she just got back from a ferocious workout and was rewarding herself with a iced skim latte. Maybe she'd just had an argument with her significant other. Maybe she was concentrating on what was she going to do about that horrible perm she got, and was too consumed by it to realize that bicyclists have every right to be in the curb lane, even if it is on Highway 100 just north of Janesville Road.

Or maybe I should stop giving people the benefit of the doubt all the time.


Saturday, April 22, 2006

Flat Tire equals serious buzzkill

So, I've been riding my bike for some 10 miles today, I'm all warmed up and the sun's out, and here it comes, the huge hill to climb at the Botanical Gardens at Whitnall Park, once I'm up it, it's smooth sailing for awhile. I've got the latest Morrissey cranked up on the iPod, I'm panting every stroke, and then I've done it, I've made it to the top of the hill, and man, woo-hoo, I rock and I'm sailing past the visitor center, past where cars can go, I see my favorite tree, and right when Morrissey starts wailing like a bouzouki, I feel it. Whoosh. Flat tire. Damn, damn, hell and damnation. Damn Damn Damn. Ferocious buzzkill. Hell and damnation.

Oh, did I mention this was the third flat tire in 7 days? Just yesterday I got one coming home from work, and though I had Gallery Night to go to, I dropped everything, threw the bike on top of the car, and hightailed it to Wheel and Sprocket, where I'd been just six days before, absolutely convinced I was gong to be buying a whole new everything on the back wheel that isn't made of metal. They're nice about it, they convince me that only the inner tube needs to be replaced and since I'm on their maintence plan, no charge. The Mr. Tuffy has some imperfections in it, that must be the issue, so he offers to cut off the end with the problems, and, against my better judgement, I let him, instead of doing what my gut told me to do, which was just shell out the $20 for a new Mr Tuffy. The one tech, however, questions me when I mention that there's something wrong with the valve, because I couldn't even use my CO2 cartridge to fill it. "Do you have an adapter?" he asks. "What kind of adapter? I just have this thingy that goes on those kinds of valves..." "Well, you need a special adapter to fit on that," and I point out that I HAVE the right fitting for a Presta valve, my CO2 pump won't even work on schraders. Geez, I've had this bike for three years now, dontcha think I would have noticed by now that I don't have a schrader valve? "Look, I'm not as blonde as I used to be," but he didn't quite get it.

At least today, I'm within walking distance of W&S, as I am at Whitnall Park, after all, but still, major buzzkill. I'm limping up highway 100 in the curb lane, and some bitch in a butt-ugly SUV honks at me and flips me off, because how dare I have my bicycle in the curb lane, where she clearly needs to be somewhere fast and doesn't feel like waiting the five seconds for traffic to clear so she can get around me after her right turn into the curb lane off Janesville road. And where does it turn out she needs to be in such a grave emergency? Is she rushing her son to the ER? Is she racing to a friend's house to talk them out of doing something rash? Is she hightailing it to the store because she she broke some eggs into the biscuits and just realized she's short on baking powder? Hell no, she had to get past me in such a grave hurry because she needed to pull into fucking Starbucks! She pours her fat ass topped off by a bad perm out of her ugly gas-guzzling SUV to go into Starbucks, ostensibly to get some whipped cream and special flavored sugary thing that is coffee in name only. As opposed to me, doing something healthy like riding my fat ass off, topped by a haircolor that's showing some outgrowth, but today is hidden by a helmet. I hated that fat bitch and realized why: five years ago, she was me. Except I would have never honked at a bicyclist (I've always been a biker) and I would never drive such a butt ugly vehicle. And I've driven some ugly machines, let me tell you. But the being fat and living on crappy fast food was me. I could have concentrated on her terrible perm, or the hideous outfit she had on to diss her and her impatient rudeness, but of course, since I hate the fat that is me, I hate it in everybody else, too. But only when its a bitchy situation. When people are cool, fat is not an issue. I'm such a bitch, eh?

But anyway, as I see the oasis that is W&S, I remembered that I had nothing on me but my cell phone and Ipod, so if I do have to replace anything, (and I know I will, for I am now convinced that there is an gremlin in my rear wheel and I will have to literally burn rubber to eradicate all that evil), I have no cash and hopefully somebody will remember I was there less than 24 hours ago (and 6 days, too!) with the same issue. But, as it were, I was done being disgusted by the bitch in the black SUV and more disgusted with myself when I walked into W&S. I didn't recognize any of the techs from last night, but Matt, with whom I've spent at least four figures and is on a first name basis with me, is there and sees to it that I'm taken care of after I blow off the steam from the flat tire, the bitch at Starbucks, and the fact that I'm in a bikeshop loaded with people in great shape wearing a skintight t-shirt dripping with sweat and rolling with fat. "As you can smell," I explained to the tech who was taking care of me, "I was in the middle of a ride when, poof!" I end up needing a whole new Mr Tuffy, and they're kind enough to let me put it on layaway and call in my credit card number when I get home. The crew behind the service counter laughs when I mention the Morrissey I was listening to, and I plead "No, really, you wouldn't think Morrissey wouldn't be good for hill climbing motivation, but this new stuff really is good for that." Nevertheless, as they send me on my merry way home, I switch off to the Allman Brothers with a little Dandy Warhols toward the end.

Hopefully, they've finally troubleshot this, and its my last flat for awhile.

Oh, this episode is Reason #743 why you should buy your bike at a locally owned and operated bike shop and develop a relationship with the local businesspeople. Heck, its reason #743 why you should buy your ANYTHING at a locally owned and operated ANYTHING. Do you think some underpaid schmoe at Walmart would have let me walk out of there with a $20 Mr Tuffy on a smile and a promise?

Friday, April 21, 2006

Yo-yo & Revised goals

The last few weeks have been up and down, up and down. I just can't get down to that 45 lbs lost. With Easter and social gatherings and spring cleaning the pantry, I just keep making poor food choices. Most consciously. Why am I purposely sabotaging myself? Like V'ron with the bike, I've been doing walking training which has helped me not balloon way up. If I'd only eat right, I'd be doing great. This weekend is my 12 year wedding anniversary. And we're celebrating all weekend by - EATING. (Dinner with friends and no kids tonight, brunch on Sunday). I'm going to not go overboard too much, but I'm also going to let myself enjoy and not feel deprived. And hopefully work it out of my system! Then Monday morning, back on track!

This week's meeting got me thinking about my goals again and I thought it would be a good time to revise them. These are more sanely based on my current average of 1.5 lbs per week, although it will be harder to reach as I get closer to Lifetime goal.

Goals met:
Less than 200 lbs by 12/15/2006 - Just wanted to be under 200 for our CA trip. - Met goal on 1/26/2006
191 lbs by end of 2/28/2006 - Met this goal on 3/9/2006

Revised goals to be achieved:
181.8 lbs by 6/8/2006 - 50 lbs lost for my weekend in CA to celebrate my sister's 25th birthday and my dad's 60th
171.8 lbs by 7/13/2006 - 60 lbs lost in time for Costa Rica and a not-embarrassed-to-be-seen-in swimsuit
158 lbs by 9/14/2006 - BMI defines my weight as "Normal"
156.8 lbs by 9/21/2006 (1 yr from first weigh-in) - 75 lbs lost
140 lbs by 12/14/2006 - Lifetime goal. If I can't make it by Dec 14, it won't happen in 2006.
131.8 lbs by 2/1/2007 - 100 lbs lost, just to say I did 100 - Birthday present for Gary

I think I was around 170s, low 180s when I got married and when I got pregnant with Kenyon. I remember averaging 150 in high school and college, but getting down to low 140s a couple times. Boy did I think I was fat then. And now when I get there I'll think I'm so skinny.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

WWI: Dodged another bullet with chocolate bunnies

218, fat % 46.1. Lost a few inches this week though. Even though I rode my bike like I was training for a triathlon, I didn't lose pounds this week. But it was special dinner week practically every freaking night, so in theory I could have even gained had I not done so much bike riding. I swear, if I didn't have that bike I'd probably have hit 300 sometime in my life. But there you go. Every single night was a special "dinner" and breaking even is something to celebrate. Wednesday it started with our last Bucks game. Our sitter fell through, so I took Stella. Picked her up straight from Brownies, and we went to dinner. I ordered a grilled fish with a ton of veggies, and stayed within points, but that was points with a daily ration of flex points mixed in. That also included a small serving of Dippin' Dots at the Bradley center. Dippin' Dots are weird. Its like ice cream, but it forces you to eat it slowly, so you can appreciate it. I wouldn't have gotten it, though, if I wasn't with a little kid who deserved some kind of treat while at the game. Thursday was a slammed sandwhich, but Friday morning I realized it was Good Friday, and if ever there was a day not to eat meat, that's it. Husband's really hungry, though, and he's got a hankering for food on the grill, and Jewel had lobster tails on sale so…. We grilled lobster! It was delicious. Totally misses the point of "lenten meatless Fridays", but I remember doing the same thing as a kid: my mom and I would go to Red Lobster for all you can eat crab legs, we would leave, stuffed. Nothing like sacrifice in the name of Lent! I know we're not the only catholics who totally miss the point of meatless Fridays: witness the proliferation of "all you can eat" fish fry Fridays in Milwaukee, one of the most Catholic cities in the nation. Talk about following the letter, but not necessarily the spirit of the law. Anyway, Saturday, I was bike riding, stopped at the Milwaukee Public Market, and couldn't resist the on-sale really nice looking sirloin steaks, which we threw on the grill that night, accompanied by some grilled artichokes. And Sunday, following my annual Easter Sunday Shakedown Ride, we go for ham dinner, but since it was a family gathering, it wasn't just "show up and eat." No, there's socializing, and when there's socializing, there's appetizers! That's where I blew it. I didn't account for appetizers in the Grand Easter Eating Plan.

I was getting really preachy on my other blog about the Easter Sunday Shakedown Ride, so it really wasn't the place to mention that, while I usually find God on that ride, some years I find other things. One particular time stands out in my mind: my ride used to terminate at the end of the pier near McKinley Marina. I lived in RiverWest then, so my ride would go through the East side, through the north leg of the 76 bike trail, and end at the lakefront North of downtown. It was its own little ritual: it would be the first time, every year I would drag my bike out, and invariably, I would find that a tire was hopelessly flat, so I'd limp the bike to the now defunct Oriental Pharmacy -- which was always open on Easter Sunday, get myself a replacement tire (they had EVERYTHING there, what a loss when they closed), replace the tire and away I'd go (after, of course, snacking at the lunch counter). I rode to the end of the pier, and looked down at the rocks below, ready to stretch out in the sun and just let the day bake in when -- horrors! -- there was somebody in my spot! It was early April, and he was tanning, like he was Zonker Harris or something. I was about to be pissed off when he picked up a sixpack of some cheap beer by the plastic 6-ring, and said "Hey, want a beer?" I was so touched by the friendliness that I said sure, and joined him. We didn't say much, we were both just chilling and enjoying the sun. He was extremely well tanned, a bit older than the typical sun worshipper, and (unless my memory is playing tricks with me) was wearing gold lame speedos. But for some reason I wasn't threatened or anything. Just oddly comfortable. About a year later I told this story to friends, who told me that I must've had an encounter with (the now late, great) Dick Bacon. So, if I don't necessarily see God on an Easter Bike Ride, I at least always get a brush with Greatness.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


218.0, fat % 46.1. down 1.8.

The milestone is that this was my pre-pregnancy weight with Sam. Finally! What, it took 2 1/2 years pospartum to get here!?!?!? Well, maybe I just wasn't ready. Anyway, I'm here. On to pre-pregnancy weight from Stella (which is 211)!

Now, actually, I would have liked to have been here sometime in March, but, then again, I had absolutely no time whatsoever to be taking a day off work to book a massage and a facial and a lovely luncheon downtown, so I guess these things have a way of shaking themselves out. So I'm booking that massage now. And the facial. Where shall I do lunch? I need a place where I can get a lovely plate of spa food or nouvelle cuisine, sort of a small plate concept. Hmmmmm.....

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Bike butt, but it's OK...

The weather was just too nice, so I got out the bike yesterday and took it for its shakedown cruise yesterday. I usually do this ceremoniously on Easter, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity with the great weather. Wonderful! Just needed a little air in the tires, doesn't even need a tune up or gear adjustment or anything like that. Of course, I got some ferocious bike butt yesterday. Bike butt: you can spend the entire winter on a stationery bike but it doesn't get your butt ready for that first ride on a real bike on real roads, OUCH. Those butt bones need to get built up or something -- ouch the bike butt reall kicked in this morning when I rode my bike to work. That's right -- it was lovely enough today to ride a bike to work. Woo Hoo! Bike butt notwithstanding (and the only way to get over it is to ride it out -- literally) it was lovely riding to work. The great thing about riding the bike to work is that you get your workout in, so anything is just icing on the cake. And it really doesn't take that much longer to ride in than it does to drive in. Plus, with the gas creeping back up to nearly $3 a gallon, it makes sense all around. Its supposed to rain tomorrow, but that's OK. I broke the bike in, and now, if the weather's cooperating, there's no excuses anymore! Spring is here!

Hello 12

Went shopping for some new jeans last night because my current ones, the previously "thin" jeans (sz 16s) are actually getting too big. At the store, I grabbed 14s planning to buy them even if I had to suck it all in to get them on. Nothing like some tight jeans for motivation. Hey, that's what started me on WW this time - too tight jeans (and way too many rolls I could no longer hide). But something happened in that dressing room. My favorite brand's 14s were too big! Darn it if I didn't have to get the 12s! The other brand I like I did have to stick with the 14s. But hey, it's been years since I've purchased a 14 and probably a decade for a 12. I don't think I've ever purchased a 10, but I know that time is coming soon.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

WWI: back on track

OK, March is over, its spring, a bunch of crocuses bloomed again in my yard, and, oh yeah, weigh in: 219.8. Fat %: 46.3. Down 3.8. This puts me back on track.

I'm not a yo-yo dieter, but you'd think so looking at my numbers. I just have to get used to the fact tht its not going to be a simple quadratic equation with a very straight line on the weight chart. It looks more like a stock market graph. With a downward trend, like I was Lucent in the 90s or something. Whatever. I'm journaling my food every day again, I'm not binging, and I've excercised every day. Spring is here! We are SO done with March.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Spring Cleaning

Gary and I worked through some of the house this weekend, rearranging and cleaning out. We've identified a large group of garage sale items and will continue to add to it until the big Trout Days garage sale weekend in Cross Plains the first weekend in May. I've been trying to clean and organize since cleaning out Gary's mom's house last year. It made me take a harder look at what I'm saving and why. Then a couple people at work recommended the book "Cleaning Your Clutter through Feng Shui". I'm not so much into the Feng Shui, but I am into the Cleaning and the book is helping me realize why I keep certain things and how to let go of the emotional and sentimental ties. The book also mentions that people who accumulate clutter tend to be overweight. Clutter your house, clutter your body... hmmm.

Anyway, as part of the cleaning, there is the pantry. I can't throw away food. I can donate, but not a half eaten box of cookies. I can eat the cookies and get them out of the pantry, and that's what I tend to do every now and then. This weekend was rice crispie (not Krispie - I don't pay extra for the cute elves) treats weekend - a different recipe that finished off a box of graham crackers, 2 open bags of stale marshmallows , and made a dent in the crispies, PB, and choc chips inventories. It's the curse of the crispies. I buy a box because I need it for a recipe, something healthy like a baked chicken breast with a crispie coating. I probably only need a half cup, but I have to buy the big box because that's the most cost effective. Then the box sits there and sits there at the back of the cereal shelf. Eventually I get tired of seeing it and, well, how best to use them up but in some sugary treat? I've found that if I freeze something I kind of forget about it and ration things better. So most of the bars went into the freezer, once the sugar coma wore off and I came to my senses.

I need to make the body/house/life connection and they all need the same treatment. Clear the clutter, trim the fat, lighten the load.

I'm liking the "small plate" concept in restaurants

So over the weekend Brian and I had a late night dinner at Swig, which features the "small plate" dining concept. Instead of gigantic entrees, you order appetiser-sized portions of things that normally come as entrees, instead of appetizing yourself to death with regular apps, which tend to be deep fried, or fat-laden dip things. I like the concept, although I wouldn't call the plates they bring this stuff out as "small." But the portions were perfect. You could have a fabulous dinner of a variety of things (we had the teriyaki tenderloin skewers -- pricey but worth it, these seared scallops swimming in a roaster red pepper sauce, and the best crab cakes I've had since I've lived in Baltimore) and not do any real damage to your flex points.

It’s a sane way of eating. I remember Emily's post about only serving two scoops of ice cream (instead of a single scoop) and I could relate. I grew up with a mom who'd lived through the Depression, so the concept of leaving any food on your plate was abhorrent in our house. Then you go to you're typical restaurant these days and they bring out these plates the size of chargers overflowing with food. Contrary to what we've been conditioned to think, you just don't need that much food. No wonder there's an obesity epidemic. No, the "small plate" concept is perfect. Fabulous food, sane portions, and they were indeed small enough that you can sample your way through gastronomic joy without horrid day-after-I'm-eating-nothing-but-broth guilt.

There are a few more restaurants in Milwaukee catching on to this concept. I'm in!