Bike butt, but it's OK...

The weather was just too nice, so I got out the bike yesterday and took it for its shakedown cruise yesterday. I usually do this ceremoniously on Easter, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity with the great weather. Wonderful! Just needed a little air in the tires, doesn't even need a tune up or gear adjustment or anything like that. Of course, I got some ferocious bike butt yesterday. Bike butt: you can spend the entire winter on a stationery bike but it doesn't get your butt ready for that first ride on a real bike on real roads, OUCH. Those butt bones need to get built up or something -- ouch the bike butt reall kicked in this morning when I rode my bike to work. That's right -- it was lovely enough today to ride a bike to work. Woo Hoo! Bike butt notwithstanding (and the only way to get over it is to ride it out -- literally) it was lovely riding to work. The great thing about riding the bike to work is that you get your workout in, so anything is just icing on the cake. And it really doesn't take that much longer to ride in than it does to drive in. Plus, with the gas creeping back up to nearly $3 a gallon, it makes sense all around. Its supposed to rain tomorrow, but that's OK. I broke the bike in, and now, if the weather's cooperating, there's no excuses anymore! Spring is here!


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