Hello 12

Went shopping for some new jeans last night because my current ones, the previously "thin" jeans (sz 16s) are actually getting too big. At the store, I grabbed 14s planning to buy them even if I had to suck it all in to get them on. Nothing like some tight jeans for motivation. Hey, that's what started me on WW this time - too tight jeans (and way too many rolls I could no longer hide). But something happened in that dressing room. My favorite brand's 14s were too big! Darn it if I didn't have to get the 12s! The other brand I like I did have to stick with the 14s. But hey, it's been years since I've purchased a 14 and probably a decade for a 12. I don't think I've ever purchased a 10, but I know that time is coming soon.


V'ron said…
Woo Hoo Whoo Hoo! I remember the last time around I lost enough to get into some 14s (and that was a shock at the time, too, went in and tried the 16s and they were TOO Big) I whooped it up in the fitting room and the clerk at Sears mustve thought I was nuts. But I emerged from the fitting room to approving, BTDT smiles from the other women shopping in the department.

Woo Hoooo!!!!!!!

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