218.0, fat % 46.1. down 1.8.

The milestone is that this was my pre-pregnancy weight with Sam. Finally! What, it took 2 1/2 years pospartum to get here!?!?!? Well, maybe I just wasn't ready. Anyway, I'm here. On to pre-pregnancy weight from Stella (which is 211)!

Now, actually, I would have liked to have been here sometime in March, but, then again, I had absolutely no time whatsoever to be taking a day off work to book a massage and a facial and a lovely luncheon downtown, so I guess these things have a way of shaking themselves out. So I'm booking that massage now. And the facial. Where shall I do lunch? I need a place where I can get a lovely plate of spa food or nouvelle cuisine, sort of a small plate concept. Hmmmmm.....


The L said…
Congrats, v'ron!

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