I'm liking the "small plate" concept in restaurants

So over the weekend Brian and I had a late night dinner at Swig, which features the "small plate" dining concept. Instead of gigantic entrees, you order appetiser-sized portions of things that normally come as entrees, instead of appetizing yourself to death with regular apps, which tend to be deep fried, or fat-laden dip things. I like the concept, although I wouldn't call the plates they bring this stuff out as "small." But the portions were perfect. You could have a fabulous dinner of a variety of things (we had the teriyaki tenderloin skewers -- pricey but worth it, these seared scallops swimming in a roaster red pepper sauce, and the best crab cakes I've had since I've lived in Baltimore) and not do any real damage to your flex points.

It’s a sane way of eating. I remember Emily's post about only serving two scoops of ice cream (instead of a single scoop) and I could relate. I grew up with a mom who'd lived through the Depression, so the concept of leaving any food on your plate was abhorrent in our house. Then you go to you're typical restaurant these days and they bring out these plates the size of chargers overflowing with food. Contrary to what we've been conditioned to think, you just don't need that much food. No wonder there's an obesity epidemic. No, the "small plate" concept is perfect. Fabulous food, sane portions, and they were indeed small enough that you can sample your way through gastronomic joy without horrid day-after-I'm-eating-nothing-but-broth guilt.

There are a few more restaurants in Milwaukee catching on to this concept. I'm in!


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