Send me the Mackerel (for ovarian cancer!)

And of course, Wendy McClure did. The Fluffy Mackerel Pudding. McClure, author of that fab website with the horrific Weight Watchers Recipe Cards from the 70s (and her scathing commentary) is doing a fundraising walk for Ovarian Cancer. According to her blog, her mother is currently being treated for it. Scary shit. Not to put down things like breast cancer and cervical cancer, but how the hell do you detect ovarian cancer early enough to nip it in the bud, like we've learned with the breast and the cervix? Its not like you can reach up past your utereus and do a self-exam. Scares the shit out of me, and honestly, this is the first fundraiser I've heard about ovarian cancer, so I had to slap down some cash to support her, and you, dear readers, should too unless, of couse, you know somebody else who is walking or otherwise doing something about it. But if you support McClure and pony up at least $75, she'll throw in a copy of one of her books, all autographed and everything. As I already have "I'm Not the New Me" I opted for the book version of the Recipe Cards website, and she must've sent it overnight (although UPS ground pretty much comes overnight from Chicago to Milwaukee) because I spent last night in uncontrollable spasms of laughter. Take the website and multiply by four. No wonder us 40 year olds are fat -- this is what our diet alternative was in the 70s? Right, pick one: a)"Caucasian Shaslik" or b) sausge and mushroom pizza from Geno's East. Of course you're going to go with B) and wash it down with some TaB, to make up for all the cheese. You used to think "If I eat/drink something vile like TaB, that will cancel out the banana split, right?" Right.


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