Thursday, July 27, 2006

Ok, you got me

V'ron...thanks for the "let's get it going gals" email reminder today.

Here is my update:

Still holding @180lbs.

I joined Elite fitness in early May and have been working out steadily - at least 3 times per week since then. Elliptical trainer, weight training, once a week spinning. It's been really great. I've toned up a lot and look better, but have not lost more than 2 lbs. My theory is that i'm gaining muscle and at some point I'll start to drop.

In the food department, my hunger has subsided quite a bit since adding more muscle and being more active. I also have my proteins and greens drink for breakfast most mornings and that really helps with the hunger too. I'm watching my portions more than I was, and I expect to continue to see results overall.

On the docket - a week of vacation.

When I get back, more updates. Yes, I'm drinking my water... :) I also have my % body fat and all my evals from when I joined Elite which I'll post here too. I need to grab my file after vacation. The eval was not good. I rated poor in most categories except a few.

Thanks for keeping me on the blog. I'll try to update more often.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

WWI: Vacation from weight loss

OK, I come back from vacation, and eat like an idiot, and then have to post these stupid numbers:

216, fat % 45, up three pounds Ugh ugh ugh. What's keeping me through this is the non-pounds numbers and things:L the fact that my measurements didn't increase, the fact that I wore a dress I haven't been able to get into in 8 years -- yes -- the dress I wore for my rehearsal dinner at my wedding -- to my husband's uncle and aunt's 50 anniversary party, at which their son Joel the fabulous master chef, provided the incredible food, including the most divine moussaka I've ever had. You don't pass up an opportunity to eat Joel food -- ever. And there was tons of it.

Then yesterday, for a reason I haven't been able to put my finger on, I went dow to the cafeteria and got a huge plate of that damn corned beef hash AND a buttermilk biscuit AND an order of tater tots. And then last night, I pigged out noshing on sushi and dips and such. And my period's coming up. I was feeding something, not hunger, and I wish I knew what it was, because today, not only from the scale, but generally, I have the worst food hangover ever.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Blog Maintenance Notes

  • I've added a handful of more blogs to the blogroll ("daily valuable clicks") and because I've been so busy lately I haven't had the time to come up with clever-dick nicknames for them, so I just said "whatever" and decided to just list them and remove all the clever-dick names. I might hit a creative streak later, but there you go. If you're a recent add to my blogroll, and you actually come here to check it out, and you have an idea for a clever-dick nickname for your blog, let me know. I've got ferocious writer's block. But we all know that Half Of Me is really Pasta Queen, and it was really disappointing to find out what dick durch und duenn really meant (I was hoping for some german cussing, its just "through Thick and Thin" -- I guess it loses something in the translation, nevertheless it’s a great blog!), and I just sort of succumbed to simple blog listing. I just couldn't think of anything better for "Does This Font Make Me Look Fat" than "Does This Blog Make Me Look Fat" or "Hello, Fat, Pleezed to Meetcha" for "Hello, I Am Fat." I give up. I'll leave clever-dick-ness to clever dicks.

  • I'm in the process of totally revamping my home page, and this may or may not mean a re-design of This Time For Sure, Rocky. Part of me wants to maybe change the template, part of me wants to totally revamp (including a move), but then I have to tell all the people who linked here to change addresses and deal with managing accounts for the people who co-author this site with me. Might only do this to The Sixth Station, which is me and me alone. Its like deciding do I totally re-do the kitchen, knocking out walls, getting new cabinets, and replacing the butt-ugly vinyl 'faux marble" flooring with real marble tiles from HOBO, or do I just pay some drummer $150 to slap up a fresh coat of paint?**

  • Speaking of people who co-author this site with me, time for Emily and Queen Vitner to check in and post. Ladies, not posting is like skipping WW meetings, either because you want to avoid facing the scale, or you feel you have nothing to say. And what happen when we skip meetings, or just blow off our programs, or not check in or hold ourselves accountable? Are we too busy? Are we too stressed out? Wrong Answer. This blog is called This Time For SURE, which means you have to commit to the process, whether you had a bad week or not, this time around, THIS TIME FOR SURE. I don't mean to be heavy handed about this, then again, maybe I DO need to, in order to get you guys back on the wagon, shaky wagon in need of a transmission overhaul that it is. Plus, I'm back at work and I'm in a real whip-cracking mode on all these people on my projects that didn't do a thing while I was gone, so there's a little of that there. Call me a bitch now, but you'll thank me for this.

** for the record, I did pay a drummer $150 to slap up a fresh coat of happy sunny orange paint in the kitchen, and its made all the difference in the world.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Divesting in my Fat

I was thinking this morning about what's more satisfying: buying new clothes in a smaller size, or putting on something that hasn't fit in a long time. Because the latter happened!

I have a boatload of clothes in my closet that I got when I first got my current job. I needed to take it a step up from the dowdy english professor look I got away with as a administrative assistant at a university. So I have a few suits, and about a week's worth of mix and match pieces that were somewhat fitted. One particular favorite was this asian-inspired tunic (everything but the nehru collar) and I about cried a few months after I had Stella, when not only would it not button up front, but the arms were way too tight to put on. For the first time in 8 years, I put it on this week, and it fit. It fit well, as a matter of fact.

Its significant for me, because its not just some new item that I can wear. It represents hope, hope that I thought was a pipe dream. You see those "clean out your clutter" things that advise you to throw out anything you haven't worn in the past year. But I never did, because it wasn't that I don't like them anymore, its not that they're out of style (which is rarely a consideration for me anyway, I wear what I like), it was that they didn't fit anymore. And that "clean out your clutter" advice would have been like saying "And it never will fit, so give up and just accept this." I never did, and I'm glad. I have things I ordered online years ago that didn't fit, but was too lazy to send back (I've gotten over this lazyness lately!). Its now gone beyond a "chance" that they will ever fit. "Chance" has slowly turned into "inevitable." So I'll put up with the clutter now, and just get rid of the fat clothes later instead.

So, there, I've answered my own question. I think this is more satisfying than buying something new (which I have done in the past month, BTW). Right now, buying something new is fun, but I'm still at a point where I don't want to do too much of that. Buying something in a "still fat" size is, as they say, permission to stay fat. I call it an investment, and I don't want to invest in my fat. I'm trying to divest in it.

Then again, it was nice to order those smaller sized Old Navy pants a couple of months back. By the time I shrink out of them, I should be good and sick of them, and they're cheap anyway. But I'm just going to have to lose weight to fit back into my nice suits, and no new suits until I'm where I want to be. I have plenty in every phase until then, and unless you're rich, who buys anything but a classic, timeless suit anyway?

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Vacation is over, WWI

Let's get numbers out of the way first:

213.4, fat percentage 46%. Up point 4, and wow, look at that fat percentage shoot up! Whoa! I can attribute that to the Leon's Frozen Custard we had on Monday night, the last day of my vacation. I did what I said I would do -- made it a very active vacation, but I didn't log or journal my food all that much. I was on vacation for chrissakes! Still, I made good choices and worked out like I was training for the Tour de France! Monday, I slept in because I could but I regretted it later because I wanted to keep my streak of getting at least 45 minutes of cardio a day going, and that heat wave was brutal! Ugh! So finally I did it -- went for a long bike ride later in the afternoon, and went as far west as I could (against the wind)so I could enjoy a nice tailwind home. Far West ended up being the Whitnall Park Golf course, where I met another bicyclist who, like me, was covered in sweat and questioning his sanity for riding out in this intolerable heat. We slammed a couple of bottles worth of the filtered water they provided at Whitnall park, wished each other well, noted we were the only two cyclists we'd seen on our ride. Then again, who rides the roads duinrg afternoon rush.

So, I get home, all fatigued out and looking forward to literally chilling out and I pull up and there's my husband sitting on the patio: "You're gonna love this!" he said. "The power went out about 15 minutes after you left." Oh, geez. So I decided to go ahead and fire up the grill, make the Jerk Chicken I had marinating, and if the power didn't come back on by the time we were done, we were getting in the (air conditioned) car and going for a drive. Right when I washed the last dish, the power came on. But it was the last day of vacation, so frigg it, we're going to Leon's anyway!

This morning I rode my bike into work; a gorgeous day for a morning ride. I had time, so I took a roundabout way that took me through the lakefront leg of the OakLeaf train, and while I'm listening to the Allman Brother's "Dreams" on the ipod, this cardinal takes off and flies beside me for at least a half mile. It was a magical moment: the cardinal, the gorgeous shoreline, Gregg Allman wailing.... pity I'm not still on vacay....

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

WWI: Active Vacation Pays Off

213, fat %44. down, what, 5? I spent the last week in the Michigan upper Peninsula, and rode my bike a lot. Hit a few bike riding goals -- one of which was to cycle from the cabin we stay at to Crystal Falls and back (a very hilly 30 miles) and i did it! Also circled around a route I never thouht i'd do, easily. got some swimming and running in, but not much swimming, as there were only 2 days that were swim-worthy. Didn't make too much of a pig of myself, either. Another week of vacay to go!

Stella was a little bummed out, because she LOVES to swim, and one day we spent at the cabin watching the rain pour down. That's how it goes, but still... bummer. Taking her to Six Flags this week, will walk around a LOT.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Elevator avoidance

231.8/183.2/131.8 - Same as last week. Something went right that I didn't gain a ton. I swear I eat well at work because I pack a lunch, but when I get home all rules fly out the window and I'm chowing chips, chocolate, anything unhealthy. Maybe I just needed a couple weeks, months to have a free for all and get it out of my system. But I'm not seeming to get it out of my system. Those unhealthy things still taste really good. I remember getting to a point in college where I actually didn't like sweets. Can't I get there again?!

Activity has been lower than I'd like. I'm working earlier, so to get my walk in, I need to get up around 4:30, 5 at the absolute latest. But I can't seem to get to sleep until midnight like I did when I got up at 6. It's summer, the kids are up late, and I still want to get my own stuff done. Supposedly this early work time gives me more time with the kids. But it doesn't seem like it. Mostly I'm cooking dinner early and they are running around the house. Maybe it will be better during the school year when I don't have to pick them up, so we'll actually all be home by 3:30, instead of the 4:30 now and we can concentrate on homework right away. And if I get my freezer cooking act together, then the cooking won't be too much of an issue either. Anyway, I still haven't carved out a 1/2 hr of walk time at night for the days I miss the morning. Gotta work on that. I do get out for many lunches with a friend so that does help.

Speaking of my friend, last week after our walk, she announced she has sworn off the elevator. I do my 5 flights (24 steps each) every morning, but generally take the elevator the rest of the day if my distance is more than 3 flights. Also, the stairs in our building are set up so stupid, so some don't go to all floors, some exit you outside, you can't get from 1 to 2 in only one stairwell, so I have to think about what stairwell I can even use. That's been my excuse so far. But no more. If my friend can live without the elevator, then I can to. Today we decided to keep ourselves honest and report any infractions. This will be a great way to push myself.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

I'm on vacay, I'm late for weigh in, I've gained

217, fat % 45. Up 3. I'm on vacation.

Well -- I DID run that Indianapolis Motor speedway infield. Did a round of the perimeter of the golf course, and a round of the interior paths, took me about 45 minutes, so I felt good about that. About halfway through met these austrailian guys who offered to run with me,but they were too drunk (at 10 am) to get far and I didn't want to be responsible. Plus, it would have been way too cliche to be running with a couple of drunk austrailians with cans of Foster's (yes, Foster's had the beer contract for this race, the Aussies didn't bring it with them or anything) across the track. Still, it was nice to get flirted with. Apparently the fat wasn't flabbin too much as I ran.

Plus, earlier, we stayed at this "cabin on the hill" in Brown county, IN, and on the hill it was. I ran up that hill (well, halfway, anyway) and oooooo, my glutes! Wow! I ran every day. So my weight gain could have been worse.

Because too bad I followed all that up with track food for breakfast and lunch!

Off for more vacation.