I'm on vacay, I'm late for weigh in, I've gained

217, fat % 45. Up 3. I'm on vacation.

Well -- I DID run that Indianapolis Motor speedway infield. Did a round of the perimeter of the golf course, and a round of the interior paths, took me about 45 minutes, so I felt good about that. About halfway through met these austrailian guys who offered to run with me,but they were too drunk (at 10 am) to get far and I didn't want to be responsible. Plus, it would have been way too cliche to be running with a couple of drunk austrailians with cans of Foster's (yes, Foster's had the beer contract for this race, the Aussies didn't bring it with them or anything) across the track. Still, it was nice to get flirted with. Apparently the fat wasn't flabbin too much as I ran.

Plus, earlier, we stayed at this "cabin on the hill" in Brown county, IN, and on the hill it was. I ran up that hill (well, halfway, anyway) and oooooo, my glutes! Wow! I ran every day. So my weight gain could have been worse.

Because too bad I followed all that up with track food for breakfast and lunch!

Off for more vacation.


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