Elevator avoidance

231.8/183.2/131.8 - Same as last week. Something went right that I didn't gain a ton. I swear I eat well at work because I pack a lunch, but when I get home all rules fly out the window and I'm chowing chips, chocolate, anything unhealthy. Maybe I just needed a couple weeks, months to have a free for all and get it out of my system. But I'm not seeming to get it out of my system. Those unhealthy things still taste really good. I remember getting to a point in college where I actually didn't like sweets. Can't I get there again?!

Activity has been lower than I'd like. I'm working earlier, so to get my walk in, I need to get up around 4:30, 5 at the absolute latest. But I can't seem to get to sleep until midnight like I did when I got up at 6. It's summer, the kids are up late, and I still want to get my own stuff done. Supposedly this early work time gives me more time with the kids. But it doesn't seem like it. Mostly I'm cooking dinner early and they are running around the house. Maybe it will be better during the school year when I don't have to pick them up, so we'll actually all be home by 3:30, instead of the 4:30 now and we can concentrate on homework right away. And if I get my freezer cooking act together, then the cooking won't be too much of an issue either. Anyway, I still haven't carved out a 1/2 hr of walk time at night for the days I miss the morning. Gotta work on that. I do get out for many lunches with a friend so that does help.

Speaking of my friend, last week after our walk, she announced she has sworn off the elevator. I do my 5 flights (24 steps each) every morning, but generally take the elevator the rest of the day if my distance is more than 3 flights. Also, the stairs in our building are set up so stupid, so some don't go to all floors, some exit you outside, you can't get from 1 to 2 in only one stairwell, so I have to think about what stairwell I can even use. That's been my excuse so far. But no more. If my friend can live without the elevator, then I can to. Today we decided to keep ourselves honest and report any infractions. This will be a great way to push myself.


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