Ok, you got me

V'ron...thanks for the "let's get it going gals" email reminder today.

Here is my update:

Still holding @180lbs.

I joined Elite fitness in early May and have been working out steadily - at least 3 times per week since then. Elliptical trainer, weight training, once a week spinning. It's been really great. I've toned up a lot and look better, but have not lost more than 2 lbs. My theory is that i'm gaining muscle and at some point I'll start to drop.

In the food department, my hunger has subsided quite a bit since adding more muscle and being more active. I also have my proteins and greens drink for breakfast most mornings and that really helps with the hunger too. I'm watching my portions more than I was, and I expect to continue to see results overall.

On the docket - a week of vacation.

When I get back, more updates. Yes, I'm drinking my water... :) I also have my % body fat and all my evals from when I joined Elite which I'll post here too. I need to grab my file after vacation. The eval was not good. I rated poor in most categories except a few.

Thanks for keeping me on the blog. I'll try to update more often.


V'ron said…
Welcome back girl.

And the nice thing about "poor" evaluations is that, well, I love a crappy baseline, because you can only go up. And when you do lose weight and other things, you see numbers besides weight that you can base success off of. There's nothing like a pants size, or a cholesterol count or whatever to offset the occassional weight gain!

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