Blog Maintenance Notes

  • I've added a handful of more blogs to the blogroll ("daily valuable clicks") and because I've been so busy lately I haven't had the time to come up with clever-dick nicknames for them, so I just said "whatever" and decided to just list them and remove all the clever-dick names. I might hit a creative streak later, but there you go. If you're a recent add to my blogroll, and you actually come here to check it out, and you have an idea for a clever-dick nickname for your blog, let me know. I've got ferocious writer's block. But we all know that Half Of Me is really Pasta Queen, and it was really disappointing to find out what dick durch und duenn really meant (I was hoping for some german cussing, its just "through Thick and Thin" -- I guess it loses something in the translation, nevertheless it’s a great blog!), and I just sort of succumbed to simple blog listing. I just couldn't think of anything better for "Does This Font Make Me Look Fat" than "Does This Blog Make Me Look Fat" or "Hello, Fat, Pleezed to Meetcha" for "Hello, I Am Fat." I give up. I'll leave clever-dick-ness to clever dicks.

  • I'm in the process of totally revamping my home page, and this may or may not mean a re-design of This Time For Sure, Rocky. Part of me wants to maybe change the template, part of me wants to totally revamp (including a move), but then I have to tell all the people who linked here to change addresses and deal with managing accounts for the people who co-author this site with me. Might only do this to The Sixth Station, which is me and me alone. Its like deciding do I totally re-do the kitchen, knocking out walls, getting new cabinets, and replacing the butt-ugly vinyl 'faux marble" flooring with real marble tiles from HOBO, or do I just pay some drummer $150 to slap up a fresh coat of paint?**

  • Speaking of people who co-author this site with me, time for Emily and Queen Vitner to check in and post. Ladies, not posting is like skipping WW meetings, either because you want to avoid facing the scale, or you feel you have nothing to say. And what happen when we skip meetings, or just blow off our programs, or not check in or hold ourselves accountable? Are we too busy? Are we too stressed out? Wrong Answer. This blog is called This Time For SURE, which means you have to commit to the process, whether you had a bad week or not, this time around, THIS TIME FOR SURE. I don't mean to be heavy handed about this, then again, maybe I DO need to, in order to get you guys back on the wagon, shaky wagon in need of a transmission overhaul that it is. Plus, I'm back at work and I'm in a real whip-cracking mode on all these people on my projects that didn't do a thing while I was gone, so there's a little of that there. Call me a bitch now, but you'll thank me for this.

** for the record, I did pay a drummer $150 to slap up a fresh coat of happy sunny orange paint in the kitchen, and its made all the difference in the world.


Amy said…
for v'ron. god bless you. i thought i was going insane, and you saved me. i was ranting all night to my boyfriend about feminists sacrificing goats (because we're EVIL) all because i went and started this when i know who reads my blog and what opinions i can expect. but it made me really sad to think that no one wanted to own that word, another thing taken from us. so, uhm, thanks and rockon.
Amy said…
oh, and i started my blog as "does this come in big and fat?" because my sister actually asked a store clerk that once and i thought i was going to keel over from laughter in macy's. they'd have been appauled. but it seemed a little mean without a lot of context so i changed it. just thought i'd share.

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