Friday, June 30, 2006

End of June, end of session

231.8/183.2/131.8 Up 1. I can't complain. I've been enjoying the fruits of summer - in a cobbler! We had friends over last week and I made a lot of core recipes, but I also made WW cheesecake. So we had to work through that. Then I made a WW recipe for strawberry-rhubarb cobbler. And I had a large batch of bananas that went brown too fast, so made tons of low-fat banana muffins. I put in a cup of some type of "chip" each time, butterscotch, choc/pb, choc/caramel. So we've all been working through the desserts all week. I should have been up more than a pound.

I'm working early hours so I can get the kids and myself home earlier and enjoy more of summer afternoons. Also hoping to extend the early hours into the school year so I can save on afterschool care costs. Anyway, I haven't pushed myself to get to sleep earlier, so I've been missing my morning exercise most mornings as I'm usually oversleeping. And I'm totally tired during the day and at home. It's not good. Gotta get my sleep under control and get back to my morning treadmill. I miss it!

People have been sharing their before and after pics, so I put together some before and after pictures for my 50 pounds lost. That's the only way I can really see the difference. I don't remember looking as heavy as I did. I'm pleased that I've lost weight, but I still see too much fat. And I don't want to get "comfortable" at this weight. I want to see a day where I don't have to think about my fat gut because it won't be fat. A day where I can wear fitted shirts and not feel I have to suck it in all the time.

Yesterday was our last session meeting. Next week starts my 4th session. It's hard to believe I've been meeting every Thursday for 3/4 of a year. But I'm going to continue to do this until I'm Lifetime and then stay Lifetime. It's my gift to myself.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

WWI: on the way to vacay!

214.0, 46.6% fat. Down 1.

I'm not where I wanted to be at this point, but I'll take it. I'm officially 20 pounds down since I started this thing, so its not a pace I'm liking, but at the same time, the trend is downward, and I haven't been down to 214 since well before I had Stella. So the title of this Blog is really ringing true for me.

It will be a "active" vacation! We're going to do a lot of geocaching, I'll get a run in every day, and when I get back from Indianapolis, I'll do at least 2 hours of bicycling every day, especially when we go to the Michigan UP. 14 more business hours to go.

One of my running goals is to take a lap or two around the infield of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Amazing: less than a year ago the concept of running that would have never occured to me as something viable. Now, when I can't get a bike ride in for whatever reason, its amazing to me that I can very easily slip on some running shoes and get a quick run in, and last for at least 45 minutes. Even before my kids, when I weighed about 25 pounds less than I do now, I couldn't last more than a half hour, and that was huffing and puffing. Wow.

Got a great bike ride to work in this morning. If I get up early enough, I can take the LONG way to work and experiece the lakefront at sunrise, which is a nice way to start the day. Makes all the work related bullshit everybody has to deal with a lot more tolerable.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Catching up

6/15/2006 - 231.8/185.6/131.8 - Forgot to post last week. Up 3.8. CA vacation gain. I was expecting 5-6 so I can take less than 4. Even after all the compliments from the relatives that last saw me in June 2005 at one of my heaviest times, I still went nutso and scarfed donuts, cookies, any food. There was a big spread for my sister's birthday after the recital. Even with ~60 people around there was still food left over. Had to help clean up you know. I can't handle throwing perfectly good food away. Also treated myself to 3 pieces of fruit basket cake. I can't get that here in WI unless I make it myself.

6/22/2006 - 231.8/182.2/131.8 - Down 3.4. Almost got rid of CA gain. I've been focusing on doing the Core plan instead of the points. It's been pretty good this week. Gary's been out of town, so make something for the kids and keep myself core. The last two nights we've had salmon and steak and that was fine for the kids too. Our friends are coming over tomorrow for game night and I'm attempting to make all core items. Except for the WW cheesecake that is so yummy. I got the ingredients before I started core and at least my friends can help eat it up. Our first box from the community farm had dandelion greens. The recipe I tried last year didn't work so well, too bitter, so I tried a new one this week. It has smoked sausage and potatoes. Unfortunately, no matter how "lite" the sausage is, it's still not lean enough for core. Darn. Count a couple points per bowl. Got some nice rhubarb too. Don't think I'll find a core recipe for that either. I'll have to make something that's worth the points.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

WWI - Happy Solstice Day

Its the longest day of the year, the most sunlight, and what do we get - massive rain. I got a lovely bike ride in before work before the storm hit, and its a spectacular storm, oh, and wednesday weight in:

215, Fat % 45.3. Down 1.6.

Took a day off on Monday as a "personal" day, and it was truly personal. Woke up, got a run in, took my kid to the bus stop for camp, went to the Y, swam some laps, then off to the spa for a massage and facial, followed by a lovely lunch at the Trocedero. Grilled salmon salad over spinach, beets, almonds, citrus vinagrette dressing. Waitress told me it was a relatively new menu item -- well, keep making it. It rocked.

You know, after a massage, you're supposed to drink tons of water to flush all those toxins you've released out, which I did. But I come back to work yesterday still slamming the H20, forgetting I had a 1.5 hour staff meeting. About 15 minutes in, I had to go. There was no way I could exit the staff meeting. Oh the pain.... oh the relief!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

WWI: Takin' it to dat funky bridge

216.6, down point 8, fat % 45.2. Went on a bike ride with my friend who just started Weight Watchers a few weeks ago. She's not been pounding the pavement, but she's getting started and has me beat for skills. She led me on a path to a windy litte pedestrian bridge that was tough to go up, because it’s a sharp incline, followed by a hairpin turn, about 8 times up. So just when you're getting the momentum going up, you have to almost stop to take that hairpin turn (and it’s a tight area as well). Almost impossible to do locked in with cleates. Funniest part of course, was her introducing as we left for the bike ride: "Follow me to the funky bridge," she said, not realizing until after she said it that it sounded like something James Brown would say: "Can we take it to the bridge? Let's take it to the bridge, follow me to dat funky bridge!" So of course I found some godfather on my ipod, and we were on our way. Still, while I've got her beat on endurance (I should hope so with all the riding I’m doing), she's definitely got a leg up on fine motor skills here. That funky bridge was almost the death of me.

Thursday, June 08, 2006


Woo-hoo! I hit my 50 lb weight loss goal today. I weighed exactly 50 lbs less than I did last September at my first weigh-in. I really wanted to hit this mark before getting on the plane tomorrow for CA and I did it!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

WWI - Lessons Learned from the Miller Lite Ride

WWI: 217.4, fat % 45.6 . Down exactly 2. Amazing how the Magical Mystery Food Journal works, eh?

We did the Miller Lite Ride for hte Arts, and it went well. As I predicted, Brian did it easily, and probably could have done the 25. But this was a good route for our first time out. 15 was just about pushing it for Stella. She could probably do the 25 but only if we spent a really long time at the Oasis stations; she caught a second wind later in the afternoon and insisted she could do another long bike ride. But for a 7 year old, 15 was just right: challenging but do-able. I was secretely jealous of the in-shape folks strolling around the Summerfest grounds in their 50 and 75 mile color coded shirts, knowing I could have easily done the 50 (I do 30 miles a day on weekends and 20 a day during the week; time keep me from doing more) and in a little more shape I could do the 75. But it was important to do this one with the family, and get them used to bike trips. Gotta get them in shape to do the Elroy Sparta trail later this summer! Still, I felt slightly inferior walking around, with my weight, and my teal blue number that seemed to scream "I'm just a pretender, I have bike shoes with cleates but I only did the 15..."

Lessons leanred:

  • Bring your own snacks. The snack line at the oasis station was insane. An adult can wait, but a cranky toddler canNOT. I'm so glad the mom in me packed plenty of healthy snacks in treats *just in case*. Lines for liquid refreshment (water and gatorade) were reasonable but otherwise, ugh. In fact, the waiting lines at the summerfest grounds for the complimentary brat or hot dog with fries were so long, I could have probably seasoned and marinated the meat, stuffed it into casings myself and roasted it long before we could have gotten something standing in line. Besides, I just rode a bike a thon! I feel great and healthy! I'm not going to want to stuff a greasy bratwurst and some deep fried potatoes into this body. Lordy. At least they also passed out energy bars at the Oasis stations.

    So the kids got ice cream for lunch, and I had a "gourmet pretzel" which turned out to be quite good. I thougth they would be topped with the flavor (they had pizza, spinach/feta, etc), but they were STUFFED with the flavor, so the spinach feta was quite good for, what I figured to be about 4 points.

  • If you wear bike shoes with cleats, bring some better walking/running shoes for afterwards. You do NOT want to be chasing a toddler (or escorting a 7 year old who can barely hold it to the john) in cleats. Oh, and chasing a kid through the mulch bark and sand in the children's play area in cleates is EXTRA fun.

  • Don't count on 10,000 other bicyclists to have a clue about bicycle eitquette (much less the law). Stella nearly got into a crash because as we were pulling up to the finish line, some kid decided to suddenly turn left and cut her off. "Hey, a turn signnal would have been nice," I hollered at him, knowing full well that his parents heard me chastising him. They couldn't look at me. I also know full well they TOLD him to turn left and didn't bother to warn anybody. Don't avoide me, just teach your kid some safety rules. Oh, and by the way, that helmet won't do him a bit of good pitched all the way back on his head like that. Another example: Hey people, when you hear the ambulance coming, just because you're on a bike doesn't mean you don't have to pull over and maybe even STOP until it passes, ESPECIALLY when you're in a crowd of 500 bicyclists going up South Shore drive. HelLO, would you like to be the ambulance driver trying to get somebody's gramma to the hospital and trying to make sure you don't hit some dickslap riding out in the middle of the street?

  • Getting there early is fun. You get to see all the starts which is a sight to see.

  • It would probably be worth it to try to park elsewhere than "Lot F" which might as well have been in Kenosha. Its a Sunday, street parking is free. Get there early enough and you're good.

  • When Sammy gets too old for the trailer, I'll need to find an excuse to bring it anyway. Its a good place to stash all your stuff that has nothing to do with the kid! Especailly if we do a longer ride next year.

  • Paul Cebar will never cease to rock. That guy has more joy and love of music in the dirt under his fingernails than most of the "musicians" on the Billboard charts have combined. He's such a joy to listen to and was the perfect thing to hear as we trudged onto the Summerfest grounds. What a Milwaukee treasure!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Almost to CA goal

231.8/182 (unofficial)/131.8. Down 6.4. A big part of that was the temporary gain of last week falling off. I have tried to stick to more Core foods this week and that has definitely helped. So if I want to eat a bigger than 4 oz lean steak, I go for it. Baked potato with fat free dressing - bring it on. I've been tracking both ways and I seem to come out about the same so far, but somehow I seem more satisfied. I was pretty good Saturday and Sunday. We did hit Bratfest on Sunday and I had 2 Boca brats. They were pretty tasty. I did splurge on the traditional chicken lunch (with cole slaw, potato salad, and roll with butter) after the Cross Plains Memorial Day parade. And then some wonderful pecan pie sold by the swim team and topped with a scoop of Culver's vanilla custard. It was heaven! But right back to the norm on Tuesday. I weighed 185 yesterday, but this morning the scale said 182. Had to weigh myself about 10 times to make sure it wasn't a fluke. So weird, but I'll take it! Our WW leader is out of town with no sub this week, so my posted weight is "unofficial". We have a sub next week, so that weight will be the official for my trip to CA. I want to be at or under 181.8, so if I stick with the plan, I should meet goal next week. How much will I allow myself to gain while in CA?