WWI: on the way to vacay!

214.0, 46.6% fat. Down 1.

I'm not where I wanted to be at this point, but I'll take it. I'm officially 20 pounds down since I started this thing, so its not a pace I'm liking, but at the same time, the trend is downward, and I haven't been down to 214 since well before I had Stella. So the title of this Blog is really ringing true for me.

It will be a "active" vacation! We're going to do a lot of geocaching, I'll get a run in every day, and when I get back from Indianapolis, I'll do at least 2 hours of bicycling every day, especially when we go to the Michigan UP. 14 more business hours to go.

One of my running goals is to take a lap or two around the infield of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Amazing: less than a year ago the concept of running that would have never occured to me as something viable. Now, when I can't get a bike ride in for whatever reason, its amazing to me that I can very easily slip on some running shoes and get a quick run in, and last for at least 45 minutes. Even before my kids, when I weighed about 25 pounds less than I do now, I couldn't last more than a half hour, and that was huffing and puffing. Wow.

Got a great bike ride to work in this morning. If I get up early enough, I can take the LONG way to work and experiece the lakefront at sunrise, which is a nice way to start the day. Makes all the work related bullshit everybody has to deal with a lot more tolerable.


The L said…
I am right there with you. I am not where I wanted to be by this time, down from 245 to 219, but that's 26 lbs. less than I was. I say I will take what I can get and keep fighting the good fight! Keep on pushing...we can do this!
V'ron said…
You are so right on this!

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