WWI - Happy Solstice Day

Its the longest day of the year, the most sunlight, and what do we get - massive rain. I got a lovely bike ride in before work before the storm hit, and its a spectacular storm, oh, and wednesday weight in:

215, Fat % 45.3. Down 1.6.

Took a day off on Monday as a "personal" day, and it was truly personal. Woke up, got a run in, took my kid to the bus stop for camp, went to the Y, swam some laps, then off to the spa for a massage and facial, followed by a lovely lunch at the Trocedero. Grilled salmon salad over spinach, beets, almonds, citrus vinagrette dressing. Waitress told me it was a relatively new menu item -- well, keep making it. It rocked.

You know, after a massage, you're supposed to drink tons of water to flush all those toxins you've released out, which I did. But I come back to work yesterday still slamming the H20, forgetting I had a 1.5 hour staff meeting. About 15 minutes in, I had to go. There was no way I could exit the staff meeting. Oh the pain.... oh the relief!


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