Catching up

6/15/2006 - 231.8/185.6/131.8 - Forgot to post last week. Up 3.8. CA vacation gain. I was expecting 5-6 so I can take less than 4. Even after all the compliments from the relatives that last saw me in June 2005 at one of my heaviest times, I still went nutso and scarfed donuts, cookies, any food. There was a big spread for my sister's birthday after the recital. Even with ~60 people around there was still food left over. Had to help clean up you know. I can't handle throwing perfectly good food away. Also treated myself to 3 pieces of fruit basket cake. I can't get that here in WI unless I make it myself.

6/22/2006 - 231.8/182.2/131.8 - Down 3.4. Almost got rid of CA gain. I've been focusing on doing the Core plan instead of the points. It's been pretty good this week. Gary's been out of town, so make something for the kids and keep myself core. The last two nights we've had salmon and steak and that was fine for the kids too. Our friends are coming over tomorrow for game night and I'm attempting to make all core items. Except for the WW cheesecake that is so yummy. I got the ingredients before I started core and at least my friends can help eat it up. Our first box from the community farm had dandelion greens. The recipe I tried last year didn't work so well, too bitter, so I tried a new one this week. It has smoked sausage and potatoes. Unfortunately, no matter how "lite" the sausage is, it's still not lean enough for core. Darn. Count a couple points per bowl. Got some nice rhubarb too. Don't think I'll find a core recipe for that either. I'll have to make something that's worth the points.


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