WWI: Takin' it to dat funky bridge

216.6, down point 8, fat % 45.2. Went on a bike ride with my friend who just started Weight Watchers a few weeks ago. She's not been pounding the pavement, but she's getting started and has me beat for skills. She led me on a path to a windy litte pedestrian bridge that was tough to go up, because it’s a sharp incline, followed by a hairpin turn, about 8 times up. So just when you're getting the momentum going up, you have to almost stop to take that hairpin turn (and it’s a tight area as well). Almost impossible to do locked in with cleates. Funniest part of course, was her introducing as we left for the bike ride: "Follow me to the funky bridge," she said, not realizing until after she said it that it sounded like something James Brown would say: "Can we take it to the bridge? Let's take it to the bridge, follow me to dat funky bridge!" So of course I found some godfather on my ipod, and we were on our way. Still, while I've got her beat on endurance (I should hope so with all the riding I’m doing), she's definitely got a leg up on fine motor skills here. That funky bridge was almost the death of me.


The L said…
Oh how happy that I am not the only one whose mental jukebox starts up when people say certain things to me! :)

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