Almost to CA goal

231.8/182 (unofficial)/131.8. Down 6.4. A big part of that was the temporary gain of last week falling off. I have tried to stick to more Core foods this week and that has definitely helped. So if I want to eat a bigger than 4 oz lean steak, I go for it. Baked potato with fat free dressing - bring it on. I've been tracking both ways and I seem to come out about the same so far, but somehow I seem more satisfied. I was pretty good Saturday and Sunday. We did hit Bratfest on Sunday and I had 2 Boca brats. They were pretty tasty. I did splurge on the traditional chicken lunch (with cole slaw, potato salad, and roll with butter) after the Cross Plains Memorial Day parade. And then some wonderful pecan pie sold by the swim team and topped with a scoop of Culver's vanilla custard. It was heaven! But right back to the norm on Tuesday. I weighed 185 yesterday, but this morning the scale said 182. Had to weigh myself about 10 times to make sure it wasn't a fluke. So weird, but I'll take it! Our WW leader is out of town with no sub this week, so my posted weight is "unofficial". We have a sub next week, so that weight will be the official for my trip to CA. I want to be at or under 181.8, so if I stick with the plan, I should meet goal next week. How much will I allow myself to gain while in CA?


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