End of June, end of session

231.8/183.2/131.8 Up 1. I can't complain. I've been enjoying the fruits of summer - in a cobbler! We had friends over last week and I made a lot of core recipes, but I also made WW cheesecake. So we had to work through that. Then I made a WW recipe for strawberry-rhubarb cobbler. And I had a large batch of bananas that went brown too fast, so made tons of low-fat banana muffins. I put in a cup of some type of "chip" each time, butterscotch, choc/pb, choc/caramel. So we've all been working through the desserts all week. I should have been up more than a pound.

I'm working early hours so I can get the kids and myself home earlier and enjoy more of summer afternoons. Also hoping to extend the early hours into the school year so I can save on afterschool care costs. Anyway, I haven't pushed myself to get to sleep earlier, so I've been missing my morning exercise most mornings as I'm usually oversleeping. And I'm totally tired during the day and at home. It's not good. Gotta get my sleep under control and get back to my morning treadmill. I miss it!

People have been sharing their before and after pics, so I put together some before and after pictures for my 50 pounds lost. That's the only way I can really see the difference. I don't remember looking as heavy as I did. I'm pleased that I've lost weight, but I still see too much fat. And I don't want to get "comfortable" at this weight. I want to see a day where I don't have to think about my fat gut because it won't be fat. A day where I can wear fitted shirts and not feel I have to suck it in all the time.

Yesterday was our last session meeting. Next week starts my 4th session. It's hard to believe I've been meeting every Thursday for 3/4 of a year. But I'm going to continue to do this until I'm Lifetime and then stay Lifetime. It's my gift to myself.


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