Granny Panties

Sorry haven't reported for a few weeks. Was holding steady around 175. Then finally pushed it last week and was down to 170 for 4 straight days and my official weigh in on Thursday was 170.8 - 61 lbs lost. Got my "next 5" star and rewarded myself with a new sports bra. Let's hope this one supports me well.

Speaking of undergarments, I had some undies that were kind of big when I got them, but these days are downright huge. So I finally threw them away. It felt so good. My next biggest ones are feeling too big these days, too. But I'm reluctant to throw them out just yet. I hate buying new clothes right now because I know I have more to lose before I get to my goal. I don't like the thought that I'm throwing my money away. I like the clothes I've been buying. It's going to be a happy day when they are too big, but it will be a sad time too as I say good-bye to some new favorites. At least they'll be in decent condition when I donate them!

I was looking through photos this morning, trying to find ones of me around my goal weight from high school and college. Back then I thought I was fat. As if. Sure I didn't have a flat stomach and carried about 10-20 extra lbs that weren't acceptable at that age, but after age 25 are perfectly legit. Now it's my goal to be that weight again. In the photos, I'm always wearing a baggy sweater or my t-shirt hanging out. Trying to mask that "fat". I finally found some with shirt tucked in. I look pretty damn good. Why did I think I was fat? I found a cartoon a couple years ago "I wish I was as thin as I was when I thought I was fat." Me exactly.


Cant wait for the throwing out of the droopy drawers in my house too! LOL

I so agree about those old "fat" photos. What were we thinking back in the day?!

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