Random May Ramblings...

Random ramblings at This Time For Sure, Rocky:
  • Summer de-wussification, which I wrote about in my regular, non weightloss blog, continues. Got caught in the rain riding into work this morning, and it felt great!
  • Lots of partying this weekend, which probably accounts for the only .4 (that's point 4) loss this week. Oh well, any loss is a good loss.
  • I think I'm overtraining for the triathlon. My numbers are dropping, rather than getting better. Need to have rest days.
  • OK, numbers: 46% fat, 219 pounds, down point 4, but the fat percentage is dropping more.
  • Hey, has anybody noticed that the three girls left on American Idol are not exactly waifs?!?! This is so hopeful. I mean, OK, Jordin isn't what I could call fat; but at the same time, girlfriend's got some meat on her bones, and she's beautiful. They all are. And they all have some serious pipes. I don't expect to hear Britney Spears belt out "To Love Somebody" like that anytime soon.

Over and out.


honib1 said…
good random ramblings... On AI I read where Jordin is actually a plus size model .. she is a beautiful young lady... always remember any drop is a drop.. so thats great on your weight loss..

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