I also wanted to mention that 12 months or so ago, I started doing Yoga. Yoga is wonderful. Great for flexibility and breathing and stress. Great for toning. Great for having some quiet time in your week.

About 6 months ago I noticed a tightness in my right shoulder. The twists wouldn't go as far on the right side as the left.

Then, 2 Sundays ago I took a real awkward fall and slammed my shoulder. I heard one of those awful "pops", and it HURT!

No emergency room, but an MRI the week later, a subsequent trip to a few docs, and today's visit to the physical therapist. Throw in a trip to the acupuncturist for good measure.

The diagnosis: partially torn rotator cuff. It should heal on its own. It will be a long road though before I can do yoga or spin or ride a bike the way I did before / without pain. Hopefully not too long because we have a trip planned to Governor Dodge in mid-june, and we always bring the bikes.

Bottom line: getting injured sucks.

Walking a lot right now. That's good.


Anonymous said…
Check out the cold compression therapy wrap for Rotator Cuff Injuries as

Good Luck.
Lori said…
Oh Emily, I'm so sorry about your shoulder. I can really emphasize as I ruptured my PCL and am still on crutches. I'm glad you do not need surgery for your cuff and hopefully PT will do a lot of good.

Take care of yourself and ice, ice, ice (or whatever your PT tells you).
Emily said…
Thanks for the kind words!

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