Wednesday, May 31, 2006

WWI: Bad week to try "Beginner's Mind"

219.4, fat %44. Well, I'm up 1.4 in total weight, but lost some fat. Mustve been all that riding I did on my long weekend. And the total weight, must've been all that eating I did on the long weekend. Non stop party grazing. Bad week to have "Beginner's mind."

Back to it.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Up again

231.8/188.4/131.8. Up 2.4. Whatever great activity points I earned on Saturday with my 17 mile walk where quickly redeemed that night at the bowling alley and the chinese buffet. Had I stopped there with the poor food choices, I would have been ok, but I just kept racking up the food points through last night. I was definitely in one of those if-I'm-going-to-blow-it-I-might-as-well-blow-it-big-time funks.

Like vron, I need to start at the beginning and track. I'm considering doing Core. I'm hoping that shake up will help me get reenthused about the program. I've just been hungry lately and yes, I could reach for that low pt fruit or veggie, but after 7-8 servings I want some salt and meat and I tend to wander to less desirable food choices. I'd like to try Core anyway, so I can eat until I'm satisfied and as long as it's a Core food, there are no points involved. You still get 35 pts for non-Core foods. I also haven't been planning my meals as well or cooking from my Weight Watchers cookbooks. So I picked up some good cookbooks for Core recipes today and will start planning and tracking again.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

WWI: Must get Beginner's Mind again

218.0, fat %46. Down 1.2, but really, it should be more. Why isn't it? Because I'm not tracking my food and I'm slipping. I really HAVE to track my food. It's amazing how well this whole thing works when you do use the tracker. I used to call it the "Magical Weight Loss Tool". When you use it, you lose weight. When you don't, you're just fooling yourself.

But this is textbook I've-been-on-program-for-many-months-now-and-I'm-so-ABOVE-food-journaling behavior and this is exactly what happens. So I have to go back to the Zen concept of Beginner's mind, to approach this as a beginner again, and journal EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING. For I am new at this. Actually, not, but to achieve my goals, I have to approach this as a newbie. I have to have Beginner's Mind again.

That's it. That's why I have to do. A friend of mine called me last week and announced she's starting Weight Watchers. She's never done any kind of plan/diet/approach (pick your word) and so she has Beginner's Mind about it. I'm so excited for her, and her call was probably a good wake-up call for me, to review all the basic skills (journaling, discipline, self-awareness) that lead to success.

On the bright side, measurement wise, my waist and hips are the smallest they've been in about five years. And I'm feeling really good, cardio aerobically. Our family is doing the Miller Lite Ride for the Arts (click her to sponsor us!) and we're only doing the 15-mile route. I have Stella I can conveniently blame this on, as well as my husband, who doesn't ride every day like I do. So, as I was in the bike shop, talking about it with a tech, we both mentioned we were doing the 15-mile, and quickly added "...because my family/girlfriend/etc doesn't ride as much as I do" in a very "oh, the 15-mile route (as opposed to the 25, the 50 or the 75) is so BENEATH me" voice. Still, I'll get 25 in that day anyway -- its five miles from our house to the starting point, so there you go. And really, 25 isn't that long, but it probably is pushing it for a 7 year old on a bike by herself. We've done 30 together on a Trail-A-Bike, but Stella's flying solo and I don't want to overwhelm her. Sammy will be in a trailer, so he's literally just hanging for the ride. He loves the trailer, and the whole thing ends at Summerfest grounds, so the kids will have agood time, I'll get a good ride in, and hopefully it will be a lovely day.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

45 and counting

231.8/186/131.8 - Yeah! Down 2.2 lbs. Finally broke the 45 lbs lost barrier. I hit 40 lbs lost on 3/9, so it's been 2+ months of up and down to finally get here. Food tracking. It's what I need to do. And hold myself accountable to the points. Although I didn't actually track this week. I did have birthday cake 3 times, a burger and chips and the kids' fries and sugary soda at the birthday dinner out. Guess my other food choices were really good this week. 2 hours on the treadmill walking and doing the programs Sat morning couldn't hurt either.

Yesterday I barely ate 20 points and I ended the day with a 3-4 mile walk in 55 minutes that finally helped. Looking forward to doing the same walk tonight - it goes around 2 decent size ponds so it's scenic too. Maybe I'll take the route backward tonight to change it up. Keeping myself pysched up for the Syttende Mai walk on Saturday.

I did figure out one thing about myself this week. I've been trying to eat only my allowed points and not give myself extra for my activity. But I think by doing that, I'm getting hungry and then making bad choices, so I do need to add my activity points into my daily amount.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

WWI: Up Up Up Ugh. At least its Bike to Work week

219.2. 46.6%. Up .8. Ugh. How come when everybody else gets sick, "oh, I lost so much weight because I was sick." I GAIN when I'm sick. I know that being sick is not a good way to lose weight, but how come I have to go the other way.

Well, whatever, it's Bike to Work week, and finally today its nice enough (and I'm un-sick enough) to actually participate. Ironic that I've been riding to work at least 4 days a week for the past month or so, but when its time to do this as part of a group making a point, I'm sicked out. Plus, I might get arrested for riding without registration. What a lame loophole. I guess now that its been made clear that it really causes a PR problem when they beat up black guys at parties, they need SOMEBODY to hassle. So why not pick on bike riders? The argument goes that sometimes the Critical Mass group gets a little unruly, so they shouldn't be allowed to ride together. Ever. But we can't seem to find a rule about restricting the size of groups of bicyclists, so let's break out some little "all bikes must be registered" ordinance. Here's my favorite part of the article I link above:

Schwartz defended the officers: "History shows us this group does not follow the laws."
"The Milwaukee Police Department is not interested in upsetting people out for a nice ride on a beautiful day," she said. "That's not what this was."

OK, if that's not what this was, what exactly was it? The article doesn't say. Now, that could be selective editing/reporting on the part of the Journal, but it really looks like, from the rest of the article, the reporter really tried to get Anne Schwartz to get specific and she didn't.

So, Ms. Schwartz, besides this registration loophole which you obviously selectively enforce, what did you have on them? Nothing. They should all run out and register their bikes, and see what happens on next month's ride. What are you going to hit them with if they do that?

Anyway, on a brighter note, Journal Columnist Jim Stingl is obviously out of shape, but he gets points for trying. You do actually get used to it. My commute from home really doesn't take much longer by bike than it does by car. You do need to plan, you do need panniers or some way to carry your office stuff and a change of clothes. You do need to have stuff on hand at the office like facial cleanser, a fairly easy-to-manage hairstyle (I actually tell my stylist to give me a haircut that survives helmet head) but after doing it for a week, it really does come naturally and you actually dread days when you can't, for weather or logistical reasons. And with my weight and gas prices up, there's a whole lot of good reasons for me to do it.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

The yo-yoing continues

231.8/188.2/131.8 Up .2. Not too bad. I was doing well, tracking points, and then... It was just the little things that added up. And I didn't get my walking in on the weekend. That didn't help. Although I'm trying to follow my points regardless of activity points - and not doing very well. I did actually do pretty well with my "free" lunch on Monday - a salad at a bar. I should have taken the extra points and had a sandwich. But then I ate a few (10?) of the hard candies during the conference. And then Tuesday I found the new bag of cheese crisp crackers half gone before I knew it. Gotta measure these things out - or grab a banana instead.

This coming week's food challenges: Dinner out tomorrow. Birthday cake Sunday. Dessert made by son on Monday night. Birthday dinner out Tuesday. Leftover birthday cake throughout the week.

This week's challenge is to give yourself the gift of activity. I'll be walking tonight - even if it rains - during Kenyon's gym class. I've got to get in at least one long walk, at least 8-10 miles this weekend to prepare for next weekend. And every other day do at least 4-6 miles... Maybe some other activities will present themselves along the way. If it's nice, hopefully we can get a bike ride in or some hiking/geocaching.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

WWI - I should be getting used to this

218.4, fat % 46.2. Up 2.4. This is my thing. I lose a bunch, then I gain a little. At least its like two steps up, one step back. Still, a bummer.

The beer brewing party this weekend didn't help. Nor did the pizza Monday night. That was just over the top, but I've learned that a good, thin crust pizza is so obviously a weakness. I can't have just two pieces. A pizza has everythign you could want. Cheesey goodness, crisp crust, garlic, tomato. I could live on pizzas. Many people do. But really good pizzas are going to kill me if I don't get some self control.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Sixth Sense

231.8/188/131.8. I'll start posting my #s. Saw this on WW forums so thought I'd use it. Start weight/current weight/goal weight. I don't have a fat measuring scale. Would be interesting.

Last week's meeting was about senses and the challenge was to use our sixth sense - common sense - to help us lose. I did actually think about the challenge this week. Mostly to get myself back on tracking points. I've been not tracking for too long and I've been up and down between 40 and 45 for too long. Gotta hit that 45 target. After 2 weeks of going up in a row, I had to get back down. My efforts did yield a 3.4 loss.

Now 1.2 needed to get to 45 lbs total loss. I can get there next week if I track and eat only my points. No social occasions revolving around food this weekend. That helps. Work will probably treat for lunch on Monday and Tuesday while we're off site at a user group conference. That doesn't help. I must plan ahead - or not eat the free lunch. Yeah, right. Downtown, State Street, I'm dining out. I'd better plan some low point dinners.

One other sixth sense item was a real D'oh, especially since V'ron mentioned running during Stella's classes. It still never clicked to do something while my kids were in class. Usually I just sit in the waiting area and catch up on reading. Now that I'm training for a 17 mile walk, I'm always looking for walking opportunities. So I walked around Middleton last week during Kenyon's gym class. Then Tuesday I walked during Kenyon's cooking class. Did my loop twice since it's a long class. Actually met a woman from work along the way and she and I did a loop together. Then Kenyon wanted to walk when we got home, so we walked to his school and back. With a walk at lunch that day, I got about 9 miles in. Not too bad. Yesterday Kenyon walked with me during Hannah's gym class. That was a little slower, but it's nice to walk with him. We go over his spelling words and math. Last Saturday Kenyon and Hannah wanted to walk with me. We walked about 4 miles total, to an overlook park we've been wanting to visit again and then to the grocery store on the way home. I warned Hannah that it was long and that I didn't want to hear any complaining about being tired. She made one comment about her legs hurting but otherwise, just kept going. Kenyon says he wants to walk a lot more and get really strong this summer. Cool! Tonight is Kenyon's class again. Looking forward to getting out, especially since I didn't wake early enough to get on the treadmill and WW meeting took the place of my lunch walk.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

WWI - You can't make up for donuts with a short run

216.0, fat %46.6. Down 1.4.

I'm slipping into a bad habit of thinking that just because I did a bike ride or a massive workout, that means I can go ahead and pig out. A 30-minute bike ride gets you maybe 3 or 4 more points, not 3 or 4 more pizzas. This is another one of those weeks where I didn't "deserve" to lose, but I'll take it.