The yo-yoing continues

231.8/188.2/131.8 Up .2. Not too bad. I was doing well, tracking points, and then... It was just the little things that added up. And I didn't get my walking in on the weekend. That didn't help. Although I'm trying to follow my points regardless of activity points - and not doing very well. I did actually do pretty well with my "free" lunch on Monday - a salad at a bar. I should have taken the extra points and had a sandwich. But then I ate a few (10?) of the hard candies during the conference. And then Tuesday I found the new bag of cheese crisp crackers half gone before I knew it. Gotta measure these things out - or grab a banana instead.

This coming week's food challenges: Dinner out tomorrow. Birthday cake Sunday. Dessert made by son on Monday night. Birthday dinner out Tuesday. Leftover birthday cake throughout the week.

This week's challenge is to give yourself the gift of activity. I'll be walking tonight - even if it rains - during Kenyon's gym class. I've got to get in at least one long walk, at least 8-10 miles this weekend to prepare for next weekend. And every other day do at least 4-6 miles... Maybe some other activities will present themselves along the way. If it's nice, hopefully we can get a bike ride in or some hiking/geocaching.


Jenny said…
I started WW a couple of months ago doing the flex plan. I've only lost 4.8 I've switched to the core program. It better start to happen soon~!!!!!!!!

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