WWI - I should be getting used to this

218.4, fat % 46.2. Up 2.4. This is my thing. I lose a bunch, then I gain a little. At least its like two steps up, one step back. Still, a bummer.

The beer brewing party this weekend didn't help. Nor did the pizza Monday night. That was just over the top, but I've learned that a good, thin crust pizza is so obviously a weakness. I can't have just two pieces. A pizza has everythign you could want. Cheesey goodness, crisp crust, garlic, tomato. I could live on pizzas. Many people do. But really good pizzas are going to kill me if I don't get some self control.


kdk13 said…
For me, after eating lots of bland fruits and veggies, even really bad pizza can taste really good.

Good luck with the control. I've found pretty much any salty thing is the same as Lay's - Becha (I) can't eat just one.

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