45 and counting

231.8/186/131.8 - Yeah! Down 2.2 lbs. Finally broke the 45 lbs lost barrier. I hit 40 lbs lost on 3/9, so it's been 2+ months of up and down to finally get here. Food tracking. It's what I need to do. And hold myself accountable to the points. Although I didn't actually track this week. I did have birthday cake 3 times, a burger and chips and the kids' fries and sugary soda at the birthday dinner out. Guess my other food choices were really good this week. 2 hours on the treadmill walking and doing the programs Sat morning couldn't hurt either.

Yesterday I barely ate 20 points and I ended the day with a 3-4 mile walk in 55 minutes that finally helped. Looking forward to doing the same walk tonight - it goes around 2 decent size ponds so it's scenic too. Maybe I'll take the route backward tonight to change it up. Keeping myself pysched up for the Syttende Mai walk on Saturday.

I did figure out one thing about myself this week. I've been trying to eat only my allowed points and not give myself extra for my activity. But I think by doing that, I'm getting hungry and then making bad choices, so I do need to add my activity points into my daily amount.


V'ron said…
You know, maybe that's what I'm doing too. I'm not officially giving myself the extra activity points, and I "eyeball it" and go overboard and that's why I'm so stagnant lately.

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