Sixth Sense

231.8/188/131.8. I'll start posting my #s. Saw this on WW forums so thought I'd use it. Start weight/current weight/goal weight. I don't have a fat measuring scale. Would be interesting.

Last week's meeting was about senses and the challenge was to use our sixth sense - common sense - to help us lose. I did actually think about the challenge this week. Mostly to get myself back on tracking points. I've been not tracking for too long and I've been up and down between 40 and 45 for too long. Gotta hit that 45 target. After 2 weeks of going up in a row, I had to get back down. My efforts did yield a 3.4 loss.

Now 1.2 needed to get to 45 lbs total loss. I can get there next week if I track and eat only my points. No social occasions revolving around food this weekend. That helps. Work will probably treat for lunch on Monday and Tuesday while we're off site at a user group conference. That doesn't help. I must plan ahead - or not eat the free lunch. Yeah, right. Downtown, State Street, I'm dining out. I'd better plan some low point dinners.

One other sixth sense item was a real D'oh, especially since V'ron mentioned running during Stella's classes. It still never clicked to do something while my kids were in class. Usually I just sit in the waiting area and catch up on reading. Now that I'm training for a 17 mile walk, I'm always looking for walking opportunities. So I walked around Middleton last week during Kenyon's gym class. Then Tuesday I walked during Kenyon's cooking class. Did my loop twice since it's a long class. Actually met a woman from work along the way and she and I did a loop together. Then Kenyon wanted to walk when we got home, so we walked to his school and back. With a walk at lunch that day, I got about 9 miles in. Not too bad. Yesterday Kenyon walked with me during Hannah's gym class. That was a little slower, but it's nice to walk with him. We go over his spelling words and math. Last Saturday Kenyon and Hannah wanted to walk with me. We walked about 4 miles total, to an overlook park we've been wanting to visit again and then to the grocery store on the way home. I warned Hannah that it was long and that I didn't want to hear any complaining about being tired. She made one comment about her legs hurting but otherwise, just kept going. Kenyon says he wants to walk a lot more and get really strong this summer. Cool! Tonight is Kenyon's class again. Looking forward to getting out, especially since I didn't wake early enough to get on the treadmill and WW meeting took the place of my lunch walk.


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