WWI: Must get Beginner's Mind again

218.0, fat %46. Down 1.2, but really, it should be more. Why isn't it? Because I'm not tracking my food and I'm slipping. I really HAVE to track my food. It's amazing how well this whole thing works when you do use the tracker. I used to call it the "Magical Weight Loss Tool". When you use it, you lose weight. When you don't, you're just fooling yourself.

But this is textbook I've-been-on-program-for-many-months-now-and-I'm-so-ABOVE-food-journaling behavior and this is exactly what happens. So I have to go back to the Zen concept of Beginner's mind, to approach this as a beginner again, and journal EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING. For I am new at this. Actually, not, but to achieve my goals, I have to approach this as a newbie. I have to have Beginner's Mind again.

That's it. That's why I have to do. A friend of mine called me last week and announced she's starting Weight Watchers. She's never done any kind of plan/diet/approach (pick your word) and so she has Beginner's Mind about it. I'm so excited for her, and her call was probably a good wake-up call for me, to review all the basic skills (journaling, discipline, self-awareness) that lead to success.

On the bright side, measurement wise, my waist and hips are the smallest they've been in about five years. And I'm feeling really good, cardio aerobically. Our family is doing the Miller Lite Ride for the Arts (click her to sponsor us!) and we're only doing the 15-mile route. I have Stella I can conveniently blame this on, as well as my husband, who doesn't ride every day like I do. So, as I was in the bike shop, talking about it with a tech, we both mentioned we were doing the 15-mile, and quickly added "...because my family/girlfriend/etc doesn't ride as much as I do" in a very "oh, the 15-mile route (as opposed to the 25, the 50 or the 75) is so BENEATH me" voice. Still, I'll get 25 in that day anyway -- its five miles from our house to the starting point, so there you go. And really, 25 isn't that long, but it probably is pushing it for a 7 year old on a bike by herself. We've done 30 together on a Trail-A-Bike, but Stella's flying solo and I don't want to overwhelm her. Sammy will be in a trailer, so he's literally just hanging for the ride. He loves the trailer, and the whole thing ends at Summerfest grounds, so the kids will have agood time, I'll get a good ride in, and hopefully it will be a lovely day.


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