Up again

231.8/188.4/131.8. Up 2.4. Whatever great activity points I earned on Saturday with my 17 mile walk where quickly redeemed that night at the bowling alley and the chinese buffet. Had I stopped there with the poor food choices, I would have been ok, but I just kept racking up the food points through last night. I was definitely in one of those if-I'm-going-to-blow-it-I-might-as-well-blow-it-big-time funks.

Like vron, I need to start at the beginning and track. I'm considering doing Core. I'm hoping that shake up will help me get reenthused about the program. I've just been hungry lately and yes, I could reach for that low pt fruit or veggie, but after 7-8 servings I want some salt and meat and I tend to wander to less desirable food choices. I'd like to try Core anyway, so I can eat until I'm satisfied and as long as it's a Core food, there are no points involved. You still get 35 pts for non-Core foods. I also haven't been planning my meals as well or cooking from my Weight Watchers cookbooks. So I picked up some good cookbooks for Core recipes today and will start planning and tracking again.


V'ron said…
You know, starting a new program/plan often works, not because of the plan itself per se, but if forces you to have beginner's mind about it. I've done a low-carb thing now and again for just that reason: not becuase I think low-carb works any better than anything else, but just because it's something I dont' know very well, I have to think about it, and thus I follow it.

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