Vacation is over, WWI

Let's get numbers out of the way first:

213.4, fat percentage 46%. Up point 4, and wow, look at that fat percentage shoot up! Whoa! I can attribute that to the Leon's Frozen Custard we had on Monday night, the last day of my vacation. I did what I said I would do -- made it a very active vacation, but I didn't log or journal my food all that much. I was on vacation for chrissakes! Still, I made good choices and worked out like I was training for the Tour de France! Monday, I slept in because I could but I regretted it later because I wanted to keep my streak of getting at least 45 minutes of cardio a day going, and that heat wave was brutal! Ugh! So finally I did it -- went for a long bike ride later in the afternoon, and went as far west as I could (against the wind)so I could enjoy a nice tailwind home. Far West ended up being the Whitnall Park Golf course, where I met another bicyclist who, like me, was covered in sweat and questioning his sanity for riding out in this intolerable heat. We slammed a couple of bottles worth of the filtered water they provided at Whitnall park, wished each other well, noted we were the only two cyclists we'd seen on our ride. Then again, who rides the roads duinrg afternoon rush.

So, I get home, all fatigued out and looking forward to literally chilling out and I pull up and there's my husband sitting on the patio: "You're gonna love this!" he said. "The power went out about 15 minutes after you left." Oh, geez. So I decided to go ahead and fire up the grill, make the Jerk Chicken I had marinating, and if the power didn't come back on by the time we were done, we were getting in the (air conditioned) car and going for a drive. Right when I washed the last dish, the power came on. But it was the last day of vacation, so frigg it, we're going to Leon's anyway!

This morning I rode my bike into work; a gorgeous day for a morning ride. I had time, so I took a roundabout way that took me through the lakefront leg of the OakLeaf train, and while I'm listening to the Allman Brother's "Dreams" on the ipod, this cardinal takes off and flies beside me for at least a half mile. It was a magical moment: the cardinal, the gorgeous shoreline, Gregg Allman wailing.... pity I'm not still on vacay....


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