WWI: Vacation from weight loss

OK, I come back from vacation, and eat like an idiot, and then have to post these stupid numbers:

216, fat % 45, up three pounds Ugh ugh ugh. What's keeping me through this is the non-pounds numbers and things:L the fact that my measurements didn't increase, the fact that I wore a dress I haven't been able to get into in 8 years -- yes -- the dress I wore for my rehearsal dinner at my wedding -- to my husband's uncle and aunt's 50 anniversary party, at which their son Joel the fabulous master chef, provided the incredible food, including the most divine moussaka I've ever had. You don't pass up an opportunity to eat Joel food -- ever. And there was tons of it.

Then yesterday, for a reason I haven't been able to put my finger on, I went dow to the cafeteria and got a huge plate of that damn corned beef hash AND a buttermilk biscuit AND an order of tater tots. And then last night, I pigged out noshing on sushi and dips and such. And my period's coming up. I was feeding something, not hunger, and I wish I knew what it was, because today, not only from the scale, but generally, I have the worst food hangover ever.


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