WWI: Active Vacation Pays Off

213, fat %44. down, what, 5? I spent the last week in the Michigan upper Peninsula, and rode my bike a lot. Hit a few bike riding goals -- one of which was to cycle from the cabin we stay at to Crystal Falls and back (a very hilly 30 miles) and i did it! Also circled around a route I never thouht i'd do, easily. got some swimming and running in, but not much swimming, as there were only 2 days that were swim-worthy. Didn't make too much of a pig of myself, either. Another week of vacay to go!

Stella was a little bummed out, because she LOVES to swim, and one day we spent at the cabin watching the rain pour down. That's how it goes, but still... bummer. Taking her to Six Flags this week, will walk around a LOT.


The L said…
Congrats thats a great loss.

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