Yo-yo & Revised goals

The last few weeks have been up and down, up and down. I just can't get down to that 45 lbs lost. With Easter and social gatherings and spring cleaning the pantry, I just keep making poor food choices. Most consciously. Why am I purposely sabotaging myself? Like V'ron with the bike, I've been doing walking training which has helped me not balloon way up. If I'd only eat right, I'd be doing great. This weekend is my 12 year wedding anniversary. And we're celebrating all weekend by - EATING. (Dinner with friends and no kids tonight, brunch on Sunday). I'm going to not go overboard too much, but I'm also going to let myself enjoy and not feel deprived. And hopefully work it out of my system! Then Monday morning, back on track!

This week's meeting got me thinking about my goals again and I thought it would be a good time to revise them. These are more sanely based on my current average of 1.5 lbs per week, although it will be harder to reach as I get closer to Lifetime goal.

Goals met:
Less than 200 lbs by 12/15/2006 - Just wanted to be under 200 for our CA trip. - Met goal on 1/26/2006
191 lbs by end of 2/28/2006 - Met this goal on 3/9/2006

Revised goals to be achieved:
181.8 lbs by 6/8/2006 - 50 lbs lost for my weekend in CA to celebrate my sister's 25th birthday and my dad's 60th
171.8 lbs by 7/13/2006 - 60 lbs lost in time for Costa Rica and a not-embarrassed-to-be-seen-in swimsuit
158 lbs by 9/14/2006 - BMI defines my weight as "Normal"
156.8 lbs by 9/21/2006 (1 yr from first weigh-in) - 75 lbs lost
140 lbs by 12/14/2006 - Lifetime goal. If I can't make it by Dec 14, it won't happen in 2006.
131.8 lbs by 2/1/2007 - 100 lbs lost, just to say I did 100 - Birthday present for Gary

I think I was around 170s, low 180s when I got married and when I got pregnant with Kenyon. I remember averaging 150 in high school and college, but getting down to low 140s a couple times. Boy did I think I was fat then. And now when I get there I'll think I'm so skinny.


The L said…
kdk - I can totally understand where you are coming from. I was just saying in my blog a few weeks ago the same thing. When I was in college and high school I used to think I was such a fat butt, now I would just die to get back there. If that's a fat butt, I will die a happy fat butt woman if I get there!

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