Spring Cleaning

Gary and I worked through some of the house this weekend, rearranging and cleaning out. We've identified a large group of garage sale items and will continue to add to it until the big Trout Days garage sale weekend in Cross Plains the first weekend in May. I've been trying to clean and organize since cleaning out Gary's mom's house last year. It made me take a harder look at what I'm saving and why. Then a couple people at work recommended the book "Cleaning Your Clutter through Feng Shui". I'm not so much into the Feng Shui, but I am into the Cleaning and the book is helping me realize why I keep certain things and how to let go of the emotional and sentimental ties. The book also mentions that people who accumulate clutter tend to be overweight. Clutter your house, clutter your body... hmmm.

Anyway, as part of the cleaning, there is the pantry. I can't throw away food. I can donate, but not a half eaten box of cookies. I can eat the cookies and get them out of the pantry, and that's what I tend to do every now and then. This weekend was rice crispie (not Krispie - I don't pay extra for the cute elves) treats weekend - a different recipe that finished off a box of graham crackers, 2 open bags of stale marshmallows , and made a dent in the crispies, PB, and choc chips inventories. It's the curse of the crispies. I buy a box because I need it for a recipe, something healthy like a baked chicken breast with a crispie coating. I probably only need a half cup, but I have to buy the big box because that's the most cost effective. Then the box sits there and sits there at the back of the cereal shelf. Eventually I get tired of seeing it and, well, how best to use them up but in some sugary treat? I've found that if I freeze something I kind of forget about it and ration things better. So most of the bars went into the freezer, once the sugar coma wore off and I came to my senses.

I need to make the body/house/life connection and they all need the same treatment. Clear the clutter, trim the fat, lighten the load.


V'ron said…
Ah, finally the server is letting me comment. Oh, I am so with you on that concept of hating to throw away "perfectly good food". It seems like such a waste, such a violation of our depression era parents who saved every scrape because it was practically a sin to throw it away. Especially the concept of buying a big box because its cost effective. But really is it? We don't need the Sam's Club price break at volume discount. (well, we don't need Sam's Club or Wal Mart at all for a variety of reasons that aren't necessarily related to weight loss, but that's a whole other blog altogether). But I can so relate to it. Its like watching Homer Simpson at the "all you can eat" bar -- you want to get your money's worth, but.....

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