Stairclimbing is getting easier. Flip Flop

Not sure if I'd get a fun workout today, I climbed the stairs in my building.

Uh Oh. At one point I was actually kind of running up them. Kind of. But that's still a step up (pun unintended but wow, it works, eh?) from trudging up the stairs.

I supposed I should cross this bridge when I get to it, but what the heck am I going to do when this gets too easy? (Yeah, right. Don't worry about things like this, V'ron). Seriously, later in the year they do this fundraiser in the building. Its the 40 floor stair climb, and you get pledges to climb the stairs. And its a RACE. There's -- I think -- three categories: (and I don't remember the names of them but they boil down to) Firemen (in full regalia WITH equipment), runners, and schumcks like me. Since it looks like I've got a calendar conflict for the Danskin Triathlon,(something I've always wanted to do and heck, the training for it would do me good) maybe I should train for this. Maybe not. Maybe. Uh Oh. What am I thinking? I HATE stair climbing. But the reason I hate it is that its a pain the the butt, and just today, I am realizing that it gets easier the more I do it. Must think about this. On one hand, 40 straight floors is a lot. I go up (And then DOWN) 4 flights. But then again, 100 pounds is a lot to lose, but I'm not giving up just because its going to take a lot of work and time. But on the other hand, if I'm going to train, I want to train for something I want, something I like. I like swimming. I live for riding my bike. Running? Eh. But I would just have to make up my time on the bike. I think I'm talking myself into doing the Danskin in a town other than Chicago/Milwaukee (its in Pleasant Prairie). Or maybe the stair climb this year, and Triathlon the next.


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