It's good to be a shareholder in Lean Cuisine this time of year

At work, on the floor of the building where I work alone, I counted 12 -- that's TWELVE Lean Cuisines in the freezer in the employee lounge. And I'm here early (as usual). I'm going to have to check back later this morning.

Everybody's got their resolutions. Everybody is working off that Holiday weight. And nobody has time to just throw together a salad or a healthy soup!

Why no "Weight Watchers Smart Ones"? Was there a 5 for $10 sale on Lean Cuisines at Pick and Save or Jewel that I missed?

Lean Cuisines are always a good emergency lunch to have in the freezer for those mornings when you wake up and realize you've got 5 minutes to be out the door, so you just reach in the freezer and there's your 4-5 points for lunch. You can augment your yougurt from the cafeteria. I actually keep a Lean Cuisine or two in the work freezer, but even with your name on it you risk somebody lifting it. Oh well, its only a LEan Cuisine. It's not like its the Suzy's Cheesecake that you ordered for a special occassion that some loser stole from the work fridge (this happened to a friend of mine).

We actually had a rash of fridge thefts last year. It was quite the buzz in our department. What kind of loser steals from the work fridge. That's when I just started bringing really gross looking (but delicious tasting) stuff. Potato and sorrel soup. Its green. BRIGHT green with dark green flecks floating around in it. Or weird little wild rice pilafs with bean srpouts on top. Delicious. But they look disgusting, especially in a green Glad Saver Box. Nobody steals my food.


Emily said…
I've been packing bagged lettuce, bagged carrots, bagged red cabbage and Newman's salad dressing on Monday and eating it all week - portion controlling the dressing of course. I like the LC/WW frozen entree idea though - just having it in the fridge. I'll have to try that also.

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