So close...

Yesterday's weigh-in was 200.6. What's up with the .6? I did forget to take my sweater off. Could it weigh more than .6? Oh, well. I'll remember next week. I just really wanted something under 200 to be written in my little book. Even though the home scale is under 200, it just won't feel official until it's written down by WW.

I'm eating at the 24 pts per day level, but I really struggle to eat at that level and not use every flex point. My breakfast and lunch are very small on points but dinner is a whole other matter. I need to develop a better menu plan that will fill me up with less points. And save one or two each night for one sweet. I've added 30 min of moderate activity which gives me 3 extra points, but that doesn't seem to help. I worry about the days when I get down to 22 or 20 points. I've got my 4 WW cookbooks that I've been using for 4-5 meals a week, so I need to start adding in more veggies and other 0 pt foods in to complete the meals. I feel like I already do a lot, but guess it's still not enough.

Our "assignment" this week is to storyboard how we're going to achieve a goal and start taking the first steps. I don't usually do this for stuff at home. But maybe this would be a good time to start. Storyboard what I'm going to do different to meet my 24, then 22, then 20 pts. Tonight's menu planning and grocery trip will hopefully be a good start.


V'ron said…
when I did WW at Work, I always wore this same outfit that was made of lightweight crepe for JUST THIS REASON. I couldn't blame a half pound on the whatever. Heck, I even took off my security badge for weigh-in.

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