Up 3 - and I really feel great.

Scale is deceiving. I weighed 178.5 this morning! Up 3. Yesterday I wore a suit and felt abolutely svelte. Fantastic! Go figure.

I've been exercising every day, drinking a lot of water, and watching everything I've been eating - portions, quality, etc. I had only 2 drinks the entire week vs. the usual 2 per night I was sucking down over the holidays.

This is all I can figure:

- The 2 drinks were last night over dinner @ LaPerla. I suppose LP can put 3lbs on a person in one night.
- I've been doing muscle building exercises?
- It's almost "that time" of the month.

Nonetheless, I'm not discouraged. Press on. 143 here we come - be it May or June or July or whenever it arrives.

I may need to quit coffee though. As I recall, coffee messes with my adrenals. Maybe I need to switch to green tea. Deep breath.


V'ron said…
La Perla. I just have to avoid La Perla for now.

For those of you not in Milwaukee, La Perla is a good, cheap mexican restaurant that's right across the street (in the mexican restaurant district) from where Emily and mine's daughters have ballet. There is a giant chili pepper the kids can ride (its like a horsey, not quite as rough as the Urban Cowboy Bull or anything like that) and for this alone, the kids love it. They also have the largest tequilla selection I have ever seen in my life, brands you have to have a last name that ends in Z to be able to get.

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