And the milestone reward is.... Losing more points! Yippeeee!!!!!!

Like kdk, I'm not too far away from a Weight Watchers milestone, and yeah, you want to hit that milestone because its such a nice number to say you've hit (especially in Kdk's instance, breaking the 2C mark is happy dance worthy). But the happy dance silver lining comes around a gray cloud: you lose two points a day. That's most of your Skim Latte, it's a chocolate chip cookie. Its a couple of handfuls of popcorn. Some days I really need that.

I think I understand the reasoning. On one hand, it would be nice if like in the old WW days, everybody had the same rules and you just adjusted. (Oh, and if you haven't already, click here and remember how "Good" those "old days" were.) The "official" reason that bigger people get more points is that supposedly it take more energy to haul around that much more weight, so you need what amounts to a hundred or so calories a day per 25 pounds more weight to do it. Not buying. I think its more psychological. If you're at, say 200-300 pounds, you just can't go to only 18 points a day cold turkey like that and expect not to feel starved. You've been eating big up to this point and to suddenly to scale down to 1000 calories a day is going to be a shock. 26 points a day (or whatever, I'm doing old system where you can't use more than 10 of your flex points a day) eases a newbie into the process nicely and successfully.

Still, I hate the your reward for hitting those nice big round milestone numbers (that are multipliers of 25) is to lose points. I mean, I know you should be rewarding yourself at milestones with non-food items (I have a massage and facial appointement for when I hit my Sammy Pre-pregnancy weight), but like Kdk, I'm about to lose two points if not this week, then next. And no amount of stair climbing is going to get them back. I've been working out every day as it is. *sigh*.

So, I've set myself a few milestones to shoot for so that I can celebrate them with no dark clouds whatsoever. They're at funky numbers, and here they are:

Pre-Sammy pregnancy best weight: 218

Pre-Stella pregnancy weight: 211. This is also where a bunch of clothes I bought when I first got hired at my current job (which required a bit of ratcheting up from the "dowdy English professor look" I got away with as an admin asst at Marquette University) should probably fit again.

Wedding Weight: 205.

Best weight since I ever really started doing this: 194. I still have the magnet that says "I lost 50 pounds" in my scrapbook box. Oh, for the day I am eligible to put that back on the fridge!

More later on my fear of actually hitting these numbers. And there is a fear.....


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