The Treadmill Works Too

Wow - that treadmill that's been sitting in my basement for 6 months. It works! Can you believe it?

We received my in-law's treadmill when they downsized and I've not gotten my fat a** on that thing since the day it arrived.

Well, this morning I got up early, did my Cindy Crawford / Kathy Kaehler workout - Workout A - (it's a good one - for post-partum moms, but good for the out of shape too) - then put on the sweats, fired up the iPod and worked it for 20 minutes!!! Sweat and everything. (Ben Harper's "Brown Eyed Blues" is a great workout song - btw)

Weigh in today was 175.5, but I'm ok with it. Up .5 thorough all the cheese and red wine is victory.


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