2 down and 2 down

It's official. 2 lbs down put me under 200! I will never be over 200 again. This is my promise to myself. And yep, lost those two points for good. But how do I lose them from my food choices each day? I've done some preliminary evaluation of my meals and found that while I do great at getting over the recommended 5 veggies & fruits, I tend to do more fruit than veggies. So first is to substitute 1 zero point veggie for 1 fruit at lunch and aim to keep my lunch entree to 4pts or less. I also need to add a zero point veggie to dinner to fill me up before I head to the "meat & potatoes" of the meal. And limit my meat consumption to a 3-4 oz portion, not the usual 5 + oz that even those boneless skinless chickens come in. I'm starting to plan more meat based salads, like tonight's raspberry chicken salad. Then I don't feel the need to have an entree as well. I need to work on planning my whole days' food not just plan the entrees at night and work in leftovers into my plan since there's always leftovers now.

Miracle of miracles. I woke up yesterday and was disappointed I couldn't go down to the treadmill since my kids were sleeping downstairs. Had company coming and got the cleaning done and then headed down as soon as I could. I'm actually starting to enjoy some exercise. We went ice skating with the cub scouts Friday night. At least I felt comfortable enough to leave the edge this time and did fairly good. Those spring lessons paid off. Not sure how much of a workout it was. Hopefully enough to offset the hot chocolate we endulged in.

Friday night the kids are headed to the Little Gym and Gar and I have a rare night out. Must start to plan now for how to work that meal into my points. And definitely save some points for a killer drink and dessert.


V'ron said…
Yay! There's nothing like breaking through!!!!

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