Tea vs. Coffee

I love coffee. I'm not the type to drink it all day long, but I love a nice big cup (stevia and cream) in the morning. On work days I fill up my travel mug and drink it on the way to work. I love that.

I also love Alterra coffee. My favorite is a Vanilla Latte. I'll stop for one when I'm @ Mayfair or Bayshore, and I like to meet friends @ Alterra by the Lake whenever possible. It's my favorite favorite.

This is the deal though --- coffee does something to my system. I think it's the combination of the acid effect in the stomach and the general negative effect of caffeine on the Adrenals (which control metabolism - fat metabolism especially.) Additional Info.

I find that if I switch to green tea, I lose weight. Sigh.

This week I'm going to switch to tea and see what happens. So far today I've had a mug of green and a mug of herbal. I'll still have my Vanilla when I meet a friend for coffee, and maybe on a weekend morning, but for my work routine - it's gonna have to be tea. It's just the way it's got to be.

Know thyself.


V'ron said…
I'm hoping to get into that mode in a few months where I can really start to zone in on those trigger substances that chemically, my body doesn't like. What a bummer that one of yours is coffee. But I'm trying to cut down, too. There's an Alterra in my building and that makes it both easy and hard. Easy, because if I'm going to have coffee, I can treat it as a treat. I have to take the elevator down, wait in line, and pay $3 for a large skim latte (which is only 3 points, BTW). I have all that time to really think about whether I really need the caffeine today. And lately, I've been saying "No, I do not NEED it today." Hard because, well, its only an elevator ride downstairs to get some really good coffee.

I have a love/hate relationship with Alterra.

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