WWI, could have, should have been worse

227.8. Up .6. Not bad, considering Saturday. And it wasn't the food that killed me, it was the open bar. I'm not a drinker, but you'd be surprised how mmuch those calories add up in beers. I don't even want to know how many points that martini was. Did I mention that it was a damn fine one at that?

Also, I am bloated.

One more weekend to go before I declare the "Holiday Food Season" over. This is the house party we're having for Christmas. I know, its a bit latee, but all the relatives were scattered at their other in-law's this year, so this was the first weekend we could get together. We tell the kids that Santa sometimes likes to wait because he profits from the after-holiday sales, too. They're good about that.

Note to self: in addition to all the fattening but wonderful (If I do say so myself) hot hors o deurves (someday I WILL learn to spell that) must get some crudities and some reasonable dip for them.

Menu so far: honeyed lamb and raising in phyllo triangles, spinach and artichoke ring, philly beefsteak rolls (they're in the current issue of Saveur! must try this!) a cheese selection, dip, chips, etc. Must run to "Metro Market" (this is the downtown upscale pick n save, I've taken to calling it Metrosexual Market) and get freshly steamed and seasoned shrimp. Oh, so much too do. So much to eat. So little points.


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