End of the Holiday Season, Kaga-san!

The holiday guests have left. Its the last vestige of the holiday season, since half the family wasn't around for the official Christmas day. We had the family party this year, and I put out some serious hors o'deurves. (Someday I will learn to spell that).

But the guests have gone. I'm home alone right now with Sammy, Stella and Brian are off to a Bucks game. I've given away most of the leftoers, I've frozen the rest and put points values on each little baggie full. I've loaded the dishwasher, I've done the pots and pans, I've put myself a plate of veggies out for tomorrow, I'm bloated, I'm drinking diet soda, there are no more big food events for many weeks, and... and... and..... I can hear Fukui-san's voice saying it now: The Holiday Battle is OVAH!!!!!

Edited to add: Oh, the BATTLE is ovah, but the judging happens in a few days. T-minus weigh-in =72 hours. Wish me luck.


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